HUMP Day ~ Whoot Whoot!

It’s Wednesday…Yeah!  My day started out with a THRIVE SHAKE on my way to the Y this morning.  No better way to start a day. 

image (14)

Thrive with Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze, Activia Yogurt, and Frozen Strawberries = My FAVORITE meal of the day!!! 

I got warm this morning after arriving at the Y with a quick 1.5 mile run on the treadmill to some freshly downloaded tunes (did I ever mention how much I LOVE running after I download new songs to run to?!).  Then, it was off to instruct some BodyPUMP 89!  Wow.  Talk about a great strength workout! BodyPUMP 89 is the toughest release so far I think…I LOVE it! My muscles…well, they may beg to differ.

It was down to business after a quick shower since I was a sweaty mess after class.  I snacked on some Pistachios once I parked it behind my desk.

image_5 (4)

Around noon, I was in need of some FRESH GREENS!!!

Lunch at my messy desk (it is currently full of post-it notes.  I can thank my memory…or should I say ‘lack there-of’ memory for those post-its!) ~

salad for lunch friday


I left the Y at around 3 this afternoon to go help teach gymnastics!  I love being with the little girls.  They most definitely make my Wednesday afternoons quite enjoyable.  My hunger was already coming back when I left the Y, so I decided to go ahead and munch a Good Greens bar I had stashed in my gym bag.  I knew I planned on going back to the Y for round two of exercise, so I wanted to give it enough time to digest!

image_1 (21)

Good Greens Bar: Chocolate Peanut Butter

It was back to the Y after gymnastics, but not to work.  Only to run & teach classes.  I needed to get a run in since this morning’s short treadmill warm-up was the only running I have done since the ‘dreadmill’ 9-miler on Sunday.  I also needed to learn the choreography to our new CX worx release, so I set up shop on Treadmill #1 and got down to business. 

I could tell my legs were a little LOT fatigued from BodyPUMP this morning, but I did not even care.  It felt so good to RUN.  I kept my pace at a comfortable rate and just enjoyed the run while learning my CX choreography.  Near the end, I put the CX book away and switched to my freshly downloaded tunes!! I wanted to just burst out singing; however, I am sure I would have received several strange looks from those around me, so I kept it to lip-singing instead!!

Two newest downloaded FAVS:

raging fire by phillipRaging Fire by Phillip Phillips

 We are tonight

We Are Tonight by Billy Currington

I am not a huge country music fan, but I am definitely hooked on this ‘We Are Tonight’ song right now!!

I was able to get in a sweaty 5.5 miles before heading back to the group exercise room to instruct CX Worx.  Right after CX, it was TRX time with an awesome group of hard-workers! 

Today, I got to par-take in ALL of  my FAVORITE exercises!  Man, it was definitely WORKOUT WEDNESDAY for me!! But, I loved it.  My body may hate me tomorrow, but it was worth it.

exercise makes happy

After getting home this evening, it was finally dinner time.  I was ready for something green and also some protein!

Dinner ~

photo1 (7)

Gluten Free Fiesta Wrap with Grilled Chicken (Protein!!), Chipotle BBQ, Laughing Cow Light Swiss Cheese Wedge, Asian Slaw & Asiago Cheese

image (4)

Rudi’s Gluten-Free Wraps (purchased at Grounded) ~ So good!

photo1 (6)

Fresh Green Beans sprinkled with Olive Oil, Pepper & Garlic Pepper Seasoning and Oven Roasted at 400 for about 20 minutes.  Hit. The. Spot.

Today was an AWESOME Wednesday in my books.  Eats were healthy, exercise was plentiful, calories were torched, and I was able to interact with so many individuals at the Y both this morning and this evening, which I absolutely LOVE.  Some days I think about if I ever have to leave the Y…that is going to be one extremely hard day.  The ‘Y’ regulars have become my second family.  I cannot wait to see them come in the sliding doors each day to get in their workout, or come in to the group exercise room to participate in my classes, or track me down in my office just to chat with me or say HI.  They make my job so so worth it! 

Well, tomorrow I have to rise and shine at 3:30 because KT has the opening shift.  I best wrap things up and hit the sack. 

I hope you had a great Wednesday as well.  Keep up the healthy eating habits as we head into Thursday, and make it a point to fit in a workout tomorrow!  I know you can do both!

Until next time ~

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