Wow.  Today was…stressful.  Normally I LOVE Mondays.  I did not really LOVE this Monday until this evening rolled around. 

Breakfast on my way to the Y ~

photo1 (5)


I did not have time to pack anything for lunch today, nor did I have much time to munch on anything but a bar from my gym bag.

good greens bar

Good Greens Meal Bar: Chocolate Peanut Butter

This bar is my new favorite!! I just wish it was not quite as pricey as it is.  I love it because it keeps my hunger at bay for a good 3-4 hours!  And, it provides you with the nutrition of your daily recommended serving of veggies in ONE bar.  It has a great facts label for a ‘convenience’ meal, for sure.  I think I am going to order a large box from Amazon tonight so I quit running out.

Mid-Afternoon Snack ~

salt and pepper pistachios sunday Salt & Pepper Pistachios

Tonight was our BodyPUMP 89 Launch Party at the Y!!  We try to go all out when we introduce a new release to our Y members, and we always get an extra AWESOME strength workout on launch nights!  I snacked on just few bites of a thinkThin (maybe about 1/3 of the bar) Brownie Crunch Protein Bar a bit before the evening workout to make sure I had plenty of energy to get through.  I knew it was going to be a tough hour tonight!!

The LAUNCH was AWESOME!! I think everyone got in a great workout…myself included.  My biceps and triceps are still burning ~ I am NOT complaining, though!  The workout helped relieve my stress from this crazy Monday, which is exactly what I needed.  Thank you, BodyPUMP!!

 bodypump 89

Dinner post workout ~

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2 Grilled Chicken Wontons with Fresh Roasted Green Beans, Asparagus, and Grape Tomatoes

I know I just wrote a post where I informed you of how I try to keep the glass of wine in the evenings restricted to Thursday, Friday, and Saturdays only, since it is empty calories!!  Well, all I know is:  there are exceptions to that rule.  And, this evening classifies as one of them.  After my stress level this Monday, I felt I had EARNED one tasty glass of wine tonight, so I helped myself after dinner.

photo1 (4) One of my current favorites!  So glad my sister introduced it to me!!

I must say, it was hard to go all day at the Y without eating something fresh and green.  I was craving my usual lunch-time salad all day.  How do some people live off of processed foods?  I just cannot understand that!  I would go crazy if I could not eat fresh foods daily. 

Not to change the subject, but I did splurge and enjoy some Orange Leaf this weekend with a couple AWESOME gals! (It was my reward for running 9 miles…before I actually ran the 9 miles! The 9 miles did not come in to play until Sunday morning.)  I am addicted to their Peanut Butter flavor.  It is by far their best flavor, hands down…no exceptions.  On this Saturday’s trip, I went with a little PB in half my cup + Vanilla with fresh Kiwis & Blackberries in the other half.  It was a great combo!

orange leaf

All I did was remember the ‘M’ word when I was filling up my extra-large size cup they provide you (which I think is ridiculous).  Moderation!  It is self service, so you can get as much or as little yogurt as you prefer.  I got a little bit of each flavor (PB + Vanilla) & savored every bite.  I cannot wait to go back. Yum!

So how was your Monday?  Did you have a GREAT start to your week?  I hope you kept your eating habits healthy today & I really hope you got in a workout.  Rule #1:  You NEVER miss a Monday workout! Ever!!

Until next time ~

be strong