Friday.  Whoop whoop!!

This morning came too quickly! Alarm clock sounded at 4:30.  I surprised myself when I hopped right out of bed without a second sounding of the alarm.  I must have slept very well last night because I was wide awake and ready to get this Friday started this morning!!

I taught CX Worx at 5:30AM, then followed that great core strength session up with 5 sweaty miles on treadmill #1.  After the workout, it was THRIVE time!!

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Next on the agenda after getting cleaned up a bit was instructing Morning Energizers.  I love my group of seniors, especially on Fridays.  I hope I have as much spunk as they do when I reach their age.

The remainder of the morning was spent working.  I snacked on a thinkThin protein bar around lunch-time, right before calling it a day at the Y.  I needed to run errands (trip to Grounded and to a furniture sale ~ I had success at both places…whoop!) and get some work/painting accomplished at the house.  It will never get finished if I do not make time to work on it!!

think thin

I stayed at the house until about 7:30 this evening, then decided to call it a night.  While I was there working, I snacked on home-made PB granola I had picked up from Grounded and a Banana.

Dinner this evening was late, but great.  I finally got to enjoy some eggs!  Actually, it was more eggs whites with one egg; nevertheless, they were delicious!

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1 egg + 1/3 cup Egg Whites

The finished product ~

photo6 (6)

Egg White Scramble with Pepper & Asiago Cheese + Fresh Green Beans, Asparagus & Grape Tomatoes (oven roasted with Olive Oil, Cracked Pepper, and Garlic Pepper Seasoning) with a side of home-made Salsa for the eggs

To accompany dinner ~

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  Cabernet Sauvignon… it is Friday, remember?!

After dinner, I snacked on a handful of fresh Blackberries.   Mmm mmm good!  I love Blackberries!

photo7 (3)

I am so tired tonight.  Wow.  I cannot wait to find my bed. 

I am contemplating what kind of workout I will have tomorrow.  I need to get in an 8 or 9 mile run either tomorrow or Sunday, but I just have not quite decided which day I will take on that task.  I need to do some review of the weather tonight before I hit the sack…Maybe that will help me decide.  I really wanted to go to Btown to run on the Rail Trail tomorrow, but I think I best just stay here and finish up some work at the Y and then work on the house.  So much to do, and never enough time to do it in!

Your goal (and mine) for the weekend is to keep your eating habits in check!  Stick to FRESH as much as possible and limit the snacking.  Your second goal (and mine) is to get in a SWEATY WORKOUT.  Either tomorrow, Sunday, or even better…BOTH!

believe that success

I hope you all have an AWESOME weekend.  Enjoy it because it never lasts long. 

Until next time ~

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