Tuesday.  LONG DAY. 

Began with a 3:30am WAKE-UP call.  Yuck.  I had to be at the Y around 4:15 this morning. 

I held off on Breakfast as long as I could…until 6:30ish ~

photo2 (15)

THRIVE Shake!! Yum.

Mid-morning snack (was needed at 10 o’clock this morning) ~

image (6) 

Good Greens Bar ~ Chocolate Peanut Butter (my favorite!!)

Once I closed up shop at work (since I took the opening shift, I finished up round one between 10:30-11 this morning), I hit the treadmill.  I knew I had to do it before I left the Y, otherwise I would get too tired & unmotivated.

I managed 7 miles today (that was unplanned ~ I had intentions of completing 4).  First mile was the warm-up (since my ankle has to get pretty warm before it functions properly), last mile was the cool-down, and the 5 miles in between were SWEET, SWEATY, and QUICK!!  They felt AWESOME! The best part…I could feel improvement.  With all my practice, the running is finally making progress.

photo1 (6)

Post-run eats (why you do NOT go home hungry to something sitting out on the cabinet that is not healthy!!) ~

photo1 (15)

A Piece (that whole part missing was NOT my piece!…LOL) of Chocolate Mint ‘Grasshopper’  Pie ~ made by my Nanny!

I packed my lunch and took it with me to eat as I ran errands this afternoon with my sister and Mom on my break from work ~

photo2 (14)

Gluten-Free Spinach Wrap with a Grilled Chicken Strip & the normal fixings

I also snacked on Salt & Pepper Pistachios with my wrap.

It was back to the Y around 4:30 this evening to take care of Weigh-Ins for the Challenge and to teach classes.  The line-up tonight was CX Worx and Beginner Basics.  After classes, I munched on an Apple to hold me over until I was able to get home and prepare some dinner.

Dinner ~

photo3 (13)

Steamed Broccoli with Parmesan Cheese + Veggie Sauce (below) for dipping & Two Grilled Chicken Wontons

image (17)

I ended up saving some of the steamed broccoli to eat tomorrow.  I made just a little too much!

Evening Sweet Tooth Calmer ~

photo5 (6)

photo4 (12)

Granola with Dark Chocolate Chips….again!

Goodness, I am so tired tonight.  I feel like it should be a Thursday, not a Tuesday.  I need to hit the sack so I am able to rise and shine in the morning for another jam packed day.

Hope your eating habits did not include any pie today like mine.  I will try to do better tomorrow.  I do hope, though, that your day included a sweat-session (of some sort) like mine.  I was so sweaty after my run, but felt so refreshed!!

Until next time ~

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