Day flew by…again.  I hate how quickly weekends tend to pass by.

The day started with a THRIVE Shake and church.  Not at CCJ.  I went to mass with my Mom this morning.  It seemed to last forever…ugh.  Next week, it is back to CCJ!!

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THRIVE with Almond Milk (unsweetened Vanilla) + Strawberries & Blurbs + Activia Strawberry Yogurt

A RUN was second on my line-up after church today.  I came home, changed my clothes, laced up the tennies and took off before I could talk myself into visiting the treadmill instead of the great-outdoors.  I knew I needed to run outside & knew I needed to get in at least 7 good miles at a decent pace.  It was just a bit chillier and windier than I prefer! 

My route (that I created as I ran along…basically deciding where to go based on what direction the wind was blowing) ended up being 7.5 miles EXACTLY.  I was content with that for today.

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I had minimal time after my run to cool-down and get to the Y before it was time to do Weight-Loss Challenge Weigh-Ins.  It is their last weigh-in of the challenge.  I am so excited to see what the final results will be!  Everyone has done quite well.

Lunch today post-run ~

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An absolutely AMAZING tasting Earth Balance PB + Honey Sandwich Thin…accompanied by a Banana of perfect ripeness (which is not pictured)

grounded pb

The BEST Natural PB, EVER! ~ Love it!!!

Once I left the Y, it was off to do some cabinet painting at my house.  I spent most of the afternoon and early evening with paint-brush in hand.  I cranked up the boom-box and did ample singing while painting!! I love singing (when no one is listening!).  It was a relaxing afternoon with a paint brush.  I snacked on a Zone Bar:  Mint Chocolate and lots of H2O throughout my work session at the house.


Dinner this evening ~

photo3 (11)

Fresh Green Beans + Asparagus with Grilled Chicken Tenders

This dinner tasted AMAZING!  Fresh Green Beans & Asparagus are my new favorite right now…trumping Sweet Taters currently (gasp!).  I dipped the chicken into Chipotle BBQ sauce. Mmmm mmm so good.

My eats have been back on track today, thank goodness.  I will NOT have any wine tonight and I have not had any chocolate dipped pretzels yet.  Yes! 

Did you manage to get in a Sunday workout?  How were your weekend eats?  Were you able to stay on track and keep your eats healthy?!  Fresh?!  I hope so.

I know it is very hard to eat healthy on weekends when you are out with others who may not have such great eating habits.  Often times those who do not eat healthy on a routine basis try to ‘guilt trip’ those of us who do into eating the same foods they are consuming.  It is tough, but you need to stand your ground.  Got it?!  Pass on the high-fat, high-calorie eats and save yourself the extra gym-time!  When they voice back at you “Why? Are you on a diet?” …you should simply reply: “No.  No diet.  This is my lifestyle.  I just prefer keeping my eats healthy  so I feel better and have more energy.”  and leave it at that. 

its not a diet

Do not let what others do or choose NOT to do affect you (or the choices you make).  If you want to eat healthy, do it!! And try to encourage others to do the same!  Fill up those plates with fresh veggies and lean meats (or other protein sources).  Choose to eat fruits for dessert versus high-calorie cakes, cookies, or ice cream.  Encourage your friends and family to do the same.  Their Healthy-Lifestyle change starts with your healthy eating habits!

Keep up your AWESOME work.  Success doesn’t happen overnight.  Change doesn’t happen overnight.  So, keep working hard and reaching for your goals, people!!

Which reminds me, it is SUNDAY ~ that means it is time to set some weekly nutrition & fitness goals.  Do it before you ‘hit-the-sack’ this evening, got it?!

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Until next time ~