6 AM wake-up call, followed by 6:45 meeting with YMCA Treadmill #2.  I had to work late this evening (being a Y representative at a local school Health Fair) so it was either early morning workout…or no workout.  Option #1 was the only ‘option’ I allowed myself.

This morning was 4.5 happy miles (in lieu of International Happiness Day ~ where you are to do something that makes you HAPPY!) , followed by CX Worx 14, and topped off with Power Vinyasa Yoga!!


is what makes me HAPPY!!

Breakfast (post workout) ~

photo2 (3)

Thrive Shake!!

Mid-morning snack ~

Some PB granola (yes, I made another batch Wednesday night! Yikes!  I love making it, but I hate eating all of it.  It is addicting stuff, I tell you!)

photo4 (6)

KT’s Home-made PB + Chocolate Chip Granola

I snacked on a Banana and these tasty, crunchy, gluten-free crisps throughout the day (since I had no time to stop for lunch.  The Y was SO busy today while I was there ~ phone calls galore, people stopping in, scheduling issues, etc. etc.) ~

photo6 (4)

Gluten-Free Whole Grain Crisps – Cheddar Cheese Flavor

I should have been snacking on crunchy, fresh carrots…but, today I changed-it-up.  Not for the better, obviously.  Because nothing beats fresh.

Lunch-time came at 4:30.  I was getting cranky and unhappy by this time.  I needed some ‘real’ food.  By real, I basically mean something green and fresh!

photo2 (10)

Salad with Kale, Romaine, Asian Slaw Blend, Onion, Grilled Chicken, Craisens, and Reserve Blend Cheese

The evening at the health fair was more enjoyable than I expected.  I got to interact with so many kiddos! I made almost every single one of them show me 10 good jumping jacks when they came to the Y booth.  The youngest one always made me smile as they demonstrated their version of a jumping-jack.

Dinner was late this evening.  Note to self:  if you make a goal at the beginning of the week to eat more eggs for dinner, then be sure to have eggs on hand to make!!  I wanted to make eggs tonight.  Got home…still no eggs.  I should have stopped at the store on my way home, but did not even give it a thought.  Guess you know what comes next…

photo3 (9)

I settled for a wrap! And some very TASTY veggies on the side.  I re-stocked on the gluten-free spinach wraps, used grilled chicken, then topped it with kale, romaine, BBQ (Chipotle) and onion.  The sides tonight were fresh green beans and 1/2 a sweet tater.

To accompany dinner was a glass two glasses of Malbec (also in lieu of it being International Day of Happiness!).

photo1 (10)

Morning & Evening Happiness!

As I sat here blogging tonight, I munched on more of KT’s Granola.  I just could not resist.  I have decided I will not be whipping up another batch of the yumminess anytime soon.  It is too addicting!

I hope you all had an AWESOME Thursday and were able to do something that made you HAPPY!  Hopefully you have been keeping your eating habits fresh & healthy! Tomorrow is Friday, so we must approach the weekend with our game-faces on!  Ready to make smart eating choices and schedule in a sweat session (or two) amongst the weekend festivities! Get it?! Got it?!….Good!

Until next time ~

shine on crazy diamond