This day started out great…because it started with a THRIVE Shake and CCJ

photo1 (2)

THRIVE Shake with Strawberries, Activia Yogurt & Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk

After church ended, I headed home to do damage control on my bedroom.  It was a mess.  Once I got the room all cleaned up and back in order, it was GYM time.  Since I made yesterday into a long-RUN day (9 sweet, sweaty miles on treadmill #2 at the Y), I decided to give my legs a rest and focus on my core and my upper body.

Before workout eats ~ a thinkThin protein bar

I started my workout with CX Worx 14 to work the core, then followed it up with a 40 minute TRX session where I did mostly upper-body and core work.  It was a decent strength workout…for a Sunday.

the only bad workout that

After the workout was complete, it was off to my house to do some painting and dry-wall hanging with my dad.  We spent all afternoon working on my house yesterday and all afternoon there today as well.  I was rather impressed with my ‘hand-man’ abilities!  I was ripping down trim, painting ceilings, hanging drywall, sanding cabinets…yep, I knew you would be impressed too! Winking smile

I snacked on a banana while at the house, then munched on carrots + hummus when I got home (while making dinner).

 red pepper


Dinner this evening ~


Whole Wheat Wrap (currently out of my gluten-free fiesta) with Laughing Cow Light Swiss Cheese Wedge, Grilled Chicken + Chipotle BBQ, Asian Slaw Blend, Red Onion, Romaine Lettuce


With my wrap I had roasted Broccoli and Fresh Green Beans (mmm mm greens!)

I also had 1/3 of a chocolate cupcake (with chocolate icing) home-made by my cousin.  It tasted awesome, but two bites was enough to satisfy me.

Healthier evening snack ~


Fresh Kiwi, Blueberries, and FUJI Apple Slices ~ Delish!

Tomorrow is Monday…why?  I am so not ready for Monday to be here.  What comes with getting ready for Monday?  Goal setting, remember?!  Make sure you set new goals for the week ahead!  They will help you stay focused and on track. 

One of my nutritional goals this week is to EAT MORE EGGS!  I have been eating a lot of wraps for dinner lately (because they are quick, easy, and tasty).  I plan to replace some of those wraps with egg-white scrambles.  My goal is also to get in a long-RUN again next weekend ~ maybe another 9 miler, but outdoors vs. on the ‘dreadmill’ if the weather brightens up.  I have more goals written out for the coming week, but won’t bore you with all of them.  I normally try to set about 4 nutritional goals and 3 fitness goals each week.  What are your goals?

Not sure about you, but I have felt a bit unmotivated lately (hints the lack of blog posts here and there the last week or so).  Ok, well not un-motivated…just not as motivated as usual.  But, I just keep reminding myself of this quote: quitting and started

Hopefully something will bring back my motivation soon!  Until then, I will just run this quote through my mind each day.

Until next time ~