Oh, what a (Thurs) Day!

The morning started off with a 6 o’clock wake-up call.  Today was a RUNday, and I wanted to rise and shine early to get it complete before I started my day.  My game-plan was 5 miles on the ‘dreadmill’ …however, I was feeling pretty good this morning, so ended up pounding out 6.5 sweet, sweaty miles instead! 

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KT’s Post-run eats:

sunday thrive

Thrive Shake with Unsweetened Almond Milk, Strawberries & Blurbs, & Strawberry Activia Yogurt

The shake was delicious.  I love when I get to enjoy one after a run ~ it always tastes extra yummy!

I also managed to fit in POWER YOGA this morning after my run…and it felt SO GOOD! I had missed class on Tuesday morning, so I was itching to get back on the mat and just Let It Go. 

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Yoga hit. the. spot. ~ A great stretch session

It was down to business after yoga.  I worked the remainder of the day, until quitting time at 5.

Lunch at work (I ate at my desk; and, I was able to munch nice and loud because no one was around to hear me today!) ~

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Baby Kale mix + Asian Slaw Blend, Asiago Cheese, Pepper, Walnuts, and Craisens

I snacked on some Pistachios (Salt & Pepper flavor, of course) shortly after munching on my salad.  Around 4 o’clock, I pulled out a thinkThin bar from my gym bag to take care of my hunger before the evening workout.


think thin bar thursday

I was so cold by the time I got off work, I had to get warm before teaching CX.  I decided on the Lateral Elliptical so I could listen to my CX music and review the tracks before teaching class.  I got in a good 30 minutes ~ when I was finished, my legs (and inner thighs) were sore and tired!  CX class followed.  I was ready to get in a good core workout!  Tomorrow morning, I may attempt to do the new CX Release 14, or RUN.  Not sure which yet.

Dinner ~

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Eggs + Roasted Fresh Broccoli + Rice

This meal was AWESOME.  It tasted SO GOOD!!  It was 3 eggs scrambled (I used one yolk and pitched the other two) topped with Asiago cheese and pepper.  The rice was from the Swans man (found it in our freezer).  I sautéed it on the stove top using a bit of EVOO.  One cup had 150 calories and very little fat.  Not bad, not bad.  The fresh roasted broccoli ~ delish.

The rest of the evening, I snacked on this ~

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Homemade PB + Chocolate Chip Granola (too tasty!)

I made this granola last night (the reason why I lacked a blog post yesterday).  Now, I wish I would not have.  Cannot stop eating it!!!

KT’s “Thrown Together” Granola Recipe:

* 1 cup natural PB (I use Earth Balance, or Skippy Natural…or mixture of both)

* 1/2 cup Agave or Locally Grown Honey

* 1/4 cup Brown Sugar

* 1/4 cup Crushed Flax Seeds

* 1 1/4 cup Old Fashioned Rolled Oats

* 1 1/4 cup Rice Crispies

* 1 1/4 cup Special K Granola with a bit of Honey

* 2 tsp. Vanilla

* 1 Tbsp. EVOO

* 1/2 cup Dark Chocolate Chips

Mix all of this together and put on flat sheet (I would put it on aluminum foil…makes for easy clean-up) .  Set oven at 250 degrees and bake for approximately 40 – 60 minutes, stirring it about every 10 minutes.


Hard to believe Thursday is here and gone.  Tomorrow is Friday!  Can I get a ‘Whoop Whoop!!’ ?

I hope you all managed to get in a sweaty workout today and made your eating choices healthy ones.  Mine were healthy…minus the overload of granola.  Oops!

Until next time ~

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