Wow.  I am worn-out.  Wake-up call was early this morning…3:30AM.  I opted to open the Y this morning, so I could have a few hours off in the afternoon to spend outdoors with a friend.

Breakfast came at about 6:30.  I could not hold off any past this. 

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I worked, worked, worked this morning….then needed my mid-morning snack.  The shake usually holds me over for about 2 and a half hours tops.  Past that time, I am almost always ready to munch on something else.

Mid-morning Snack ~

think thin bar thursday

thinkThin Brownie Crunch Bar (a staple in my daily eats!)

I took off at around 11 to meet a friend who is home visiting for the week.  We decided to spend our time power walking & talking ~ like we did yesterday.  Today, I used my Map My Run app to track our mileage.  We did 5.25 “power” miles exactly.  Then, we pit-stopped at Cool Beans for lunch.

Lunch post power-walk ~

photo2 (6)

Mini Wheat BBQ Chicken Wrap, Small side salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette, Salt & Pepper Kettle Chips (left some of these on my plate) 

The meal from Cool Beans tasted delicious.  I kept wishing I could make myself wraps that tasted so good on a daily basis.  Definitely hit. the. spot.

Once lunch ended, it was off to the grocery stores (yes, multiple stores because each store has specific things I use on a routine basis) to pick up some goods for the rest of the week.  I needed to re-stock on quite a few items.

Fresh find today ~

photo3 (6)

Blurps!  ~ I snacked on some of these this afternoon. YUM.

I managed to get in a quick (and short!) 3 mile RUN outdoors before having to head back to work this afternoon.  I was more worn-out than I originally thought when I decided to attempt the run in the first place.  I tried to run the miles as quickly as I could, but even that was not super quick.  Oh well, it was still really enjoyable to spend time in the fresh air & sunshine.

good one for the blog

So many familiar faces showed up at the Y tonight.  I was able to chat with members a bit here and there, and it had me thinking on my drive home how THANKFUL I am that my life-path took an unexpected turn and I ventured down a different road that lead me to the Y. 

image_5 (12)

Some days work is stressful, some days it is rather tiring, but what always remains is just how AMAZING the Y members are each dayThey are why I LOVE my job.  They are why I do not mind waking up early and leaving late.  They keep me coming back day after day after day. 


Tonight’s class line-up was CX Worx and Beginner Basics!  CX was a GREAT core workout! It ranks at the top of my ‘Favorite Workout List’ right now!  I love working my core with CX. 

I had to nibble on a few Carrots with Hummus after class since my tummy was beginning to rumble. Then, it was off to Beginner Basics.

Beginner Basics is not a workout I benefit from physically, but it is my time to use my words to MOTIVATE & ENCOURAGE those who need it most.  Most who attend the class also participated in my New Year, New You program; and, they are continuing to show great progress in their exercise & healthy eating habits.  I am so impressed with them.  And for me, that is very rewarding.  One more thing I enjoy most about my job ~ helping individuals convert to healthy lifestyles.  Out with the bad, in the with good. LOVE it.

Dinner ~

photo4 (5)

Wheat Sandwich Thin with Grilled Chicken & BBQ + Asian Slaw, Lettuce, and Laughing Cow Light Swiss Cheese Wedge and Salt & Pepper Pistachios

photo1 - Copy

Also enjoyed FRESH Green Beans with EVOO, Cracked Pepper, and Garlic Pepper Seasoning. YUM!!

Today was a LONG day.  I am TIRED.  Labeling today Tired Tuesday, but I do not mind that one bit.  It was a day well spent.

How was your Tuesday?  Did you get in a sweat session?  What about the eating habits?  Hope you are keeping them healthy!

Until next time ~

one hundred percent