Motivational Monday.

My day started out with a THRIVE Shake followed by some Morning Energizers.

photo2 (3)

Thrive Shake with Unsweetened Almond Milk, Strawberries, Activia Yogurt

After Morning Energizers ended, a friend of mine met me at the Y for an outdoor powerwalk!  It was a bit chilly, but felt nice to be out in the fresh air.  I would say we got in a good 5 or so miles.  When I got back to the Y, I was HUNGRY!

Early Lunch ~

photo2 (2)

Earth Balance PB + Agave Nectar on Sandwich Thin + Banana

I still felt hungry after eating this early lunch, but just kept my water bottle close by and sipped on it instead.  The hunger never really went away…by 2 o’clock, I needed more food!

Second Lunch ~


Salad with Asiago + Parmesan Cheeses, White Onion, and Pepper

I opted to leave any nuts off the salad today, since I had already had a good size amount of PB on my sandwich.

This salad kept me content for a few hours, but then…hunger returned!  I could not believe how hungry I was today! OMG!

Before BodyPUMP class this evening, I ended up searching through my gym bag and digging out a thinkThin bar to munch on.

think thin

Thank Goodness for thinkThin Brownie Crunch bars!!

BodyPUMP was a great strength session, as always on Mondays!  We did release #80.  It has some definite tough tracks involved…especially shoulders.  I had to stick around after class to weigh-in anyone who came in for the Y Weight Loss Challenge, so I opted to do a few more strength exercises in the gym while I waited on individuals to come in and get weighed.  Total calorie burn in my Monday Evening Strength Session was about 650 ~ not bad for STRENGTH TRAINING!  I am glad it was on the high side, being that I felt like I wanted to eat everything in sight today!

Dinner this evening (after arriving home at about 8:30 — I know, I know, that is quite late for dinner-time) ~

photo2 (5)

Wheat Wrap with Grilled Chicken, BBQ (Chipotle), Red Onion, Tomatoes, Greens, and Parmesan Cheese

photo3 (5)

Fresh Kiwi + Blueberries (YUM!!!)

I had a sweet tooth this evening – it does not surprise me, given the level of my hunger the ENTIRE day!  I gave in and enjoyed a serving of Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzel Thins ~ delicious.

pretzel thins choc

Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzel Crisps ~ Serving size has 130 calories and 5 grams of Fat.  Not bad for how AWESOME they taste.

I am hoping my hunger levels out tomorrow!  Cannot consume this much food on Tuesday.  I just try to listen to my body when it comes to eating…and today, it just kept telling me it was hungry.  My tummy was literally growling, so I know it was not just in my head. 

I am hoping your Monday was filled with healthy eating habits and a tough, sweaty workout! Keep up the AWESOME-ness as we head into Tuesday.

Until next time ~

excuses dont burn calories