The morning started out with a THRIVE shake!  The rest of my family enjoyed eggs and toast at my sister’s house (we were there for a visit), but I opted to have my shake instead ~ just love starting my day off with it.

image_5 (14)

THRIVE, Unsweetened Almond Milk, Strawberries, Activia Peach Yogurt

We made a trip to Target before heading for home since there is one very close to my sister’s home and since we LOVE that store!  I stocked up on a couple of items, one being thinkThin protein bars.  I ended up enjoying one on the drive home for my lunch with a little bit of Carrots + Roasted Red Pepper Hummus also.

Lunch ~

photo1 (4)

 thinkThin Brownie Crunch (my fav protein bar)

I had ‘ants in my pants’ the entire trip home.  It was B-E-A-U-TIFUL outside and I wanted to take advantage of it and get in a RUN on the back roads.  We had to make one pit stop on our way home at Home-Depot to get more paint for my house, then finally pulled in the drive around 3:30.  I was changed and out the door for a run by 3:50!!


Running shoes on & ready to roll! (contemplating ordering another pair of Brooks exactly like these – color and all – because I LOVE them!!)

I ran an old route I always used to run when I was home from college in the summertime.  The whole loop I designed includes quite a few hills (one very large one!) and some great views.  I completed the 6.2 mile route in about 52 minutes…52 well-spent, enjoyable minutes!

no one runs the same journey

Why do you run? 

Post Run Re-Fuel ~

banana sunday


After the breath of fresh air I got whiling running, it was off to my house to do a few menial tasks…well, that turned into a couple full-out projects.  I expected to stay an hour, ended up staying three.  But, progress was made.  Slow but sure. Slow but sure. 

Dinner this evening (I was about starved by the time I got to enjoy my meal) ~

photo6 (2)

Gluten-Free Wrap with Grilled Chicken, BBQ, Asian Slaw, Asiago Cheese, Onion, and Lettuce (Yes, you see wood in the background. We have no flooring in our kitchen currently.  It is being remodeled.)


Very Young Small Sweet Peas (1 can – yes, I ate the entire can. Oops.)

Tomorrow is Monday already, can you believe it?  I cannot.  I do, however, LOVE Motivational Mondays.  Be sure to write out your new goals for the week.  The second week of March already, W-O-W. 

You should include both Nutrition and Fitness related goals for the week.  Eat less of this and more of that.  Add this to my workout.  Complete xx amount of miles this week.  Eat at least one green veggie per day.  Do some thinking about where your weaknesses are and what areas need improvement in your daily lifestyle, then you will know right where to focus your goals.

MyFitnessPal or Notepad/Pen should be your friend.  Your whole mind-set changes when you are responsible for writing down everything that enters your month…Mine does at least.  I do not want to be writing down ‘crappiness.’  I want my pages to be filled with healthy eats! I write down my workouts as well, and I want them to show improvement.  Every extra mile I run or extra workout I squeeze in makes me feel just a bit more accomplished.  Get your game-face on, people!! Tomorrow is Monday!

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I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Mine most definitely flew by.  I am ready for a new week, a new set of goals, and some warm days up ahead!

Until next time ~

life is a sport