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Breakfast before BodyPUMP this morning ~

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It was a great BodyPUMP class!  I had quite a crew for 8:30 in the morning.  We all got our sweat on, for sure! 


My FITspiration and why I do BodyPUMP!!

I likely burned off my entire Thrive Shake I had beforehand, so I refueled after class with a thinkThin bar.

think thin

thinkThin bar (#1)

I had planned on getting Subway for lunch today, until I remembered it was Lent and I could not have meat.  Great.  So, I ran home quickly at 12:15 to make a salad and get back to the Y for a meeting scheduled at 1:00.  By the time we finished up the meeting & I tended to a few tasks that I needed to accomplish, I had no time to eat the salad I had run home to make since I could not be late getting to the gym to instruct gymnastics.  While driving to the gym, I was able to snack on a Banana.

banana sunday

Mid-Afternoon Snack

After gymnastics ended, I made my way back to the Y to do more work until I had to leave for church at 6:15.  I did not want to waste any time munching on my salad, so I just munched on another thinkThin bar instead.

think thin

thinkThin bar (#2)

I was finally able to enjoy my salad after I got home from church this evening at around 8 o’clock or so.  It tasted so YUMMY.  After the salad, I could not resist a piece of zucchini bread (ugh! thanks mom for making that…NOT!)

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Delicious Dinner Salad:  Baby Kale + Romaine, Asian Slaw, Red Onion, Asiago Cheese, Craisens, Walnuts, 4 Grape Tomatoes

Well, I am off to get my things organized for Thursday.  My game-plan is to have early morning treadmill time to start my day.  I have found I run best when I do it first thing in the morning vs. after a full day of working.  I have a meeting at 7:30 in the morning, which means I need to be at the Y and on a treadmill by 5:30!!

life is

Hope you had a HEALTHY HUMP DAY!!  Keep up the great work as we head into Thursday (which is ONE day closer to Friday…yes!).  Make sure you get in a sweaty workout tomorrow and try to keep the majority of your eats FRESH!…because FRESH IS BEST!

Until next time ~

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