What a day.

Mine started out with a 5AM wake-up call in order to teach CX Worx at 6 o’clock for an instructor who is out of town.

Breakfast post the CX workout ~


THRIVE SHAKE!! with Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk, Strawberries, and Activia Strawberry Yogurt

I came home and gathered all my things after CX, then headed to the Y for some Power Vinyasa Yoga before starting work. 

Mid-morning Snack ~

image (4) - Copy

Lunch (bet you can guess where I munched on this at) ~


Whole Wheat Sandwich Thin with Earth Balance PB + Agave Nectar

image_1 (4)

Used one of these single serving PB packets!! – They are SO convenient!

I also had a Banana with my PB Sandwich, but forgot to snap a pic of it. I worked the day away crossing off To-Do’s from my list…I felt super productive.  Just kept moving from one thing to next ~ the time flew by at the Y.

Mid afternoon snack (second lunch maybe?? I’m not sure!) because I knew I had quite an evening of exercise ahead of me, with no spare time to snack ~

image_2 (19)

YUMMY Salad! – Baby Kale + Asian Slaw Blend, Craisens, Onions, Walnuts, Asiago Cheese, and Cracked Pepper

I called it quits at my desk around 5, then changed into my workout gear and made my way to the treadmill.  Today was a running day.  I was hoping for the best since my Sunday run had been my last treadmill visit (and it had not been an enjoyable one).

running accept

The run felt GREAT!  It was exactly what I had been waiting for ALL. DAY. LONG.  I was able to pound out 5 QUICK, SWEATY MILES on treadmill #2 (my favorite Y treadmill) before having to instruct my own CX class this evening.  I never mind subbing for a CX class because it is one of my favorite classes to instruct.  After teaching double today, my core is feeling STRONG tonight…and will likely be feeling a bit SORE tomorrow!


I started my Garmin at the beginning of my treadmill time this evening and did not stop it until after I finished my last class, which was Beginner Basics (a 45 minute cardio/strength circuit for individuals new to exercise).  I told you, I had quite the line-up tonight!! After a total of 962 calories burned in this evening’s exercise session, my day was finally finished and I was ready for some dinner (wonder why?!).

Dinner ~

red pepper

Lots of Carrots with Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

image_1 (9)

Chicken Wonton (x3)

I also had the other half of the large Honeycrisp Apple, a glass of wine, and a piece of home-made zucchini bread (my mother whipped it up last night).  Let me just say,  I was rather hungry this evening.

Tomorrow is HUMP DAY…whoop whoop!  I hope you all had an AWESOME Tuesday and are ready to keep working hard come Wednesday.  Have you found your ‘fitness partner’ yet who is going to help hold you ACCOUNTABLE for your daily workouts?  What about logging your meals and the snacks you consume each day in a note book or on an app like My Fitness Pal?  Have you been practicing that habit?  I highly recommend both ~ the ‘fitness partner’ and the food-journaling!

Until next time ~