SO MUCH BETTER than Sunday.

I told myself last night when I went to bed that the attitude would have to change come Monday morning.  I needed to get over whatever it was causing my crappy-attitude on Sunday (there were multiple factors involved) and just start Monday fresh.  That is why I LOVE Mondays!  It is the first day of the week.  A clean start.  A brand-new set of goals.  A clear mind-set for whatever the new week holds.  Motivational Mondays ~ gotta LOVE’em.

My Monday started out with an ‘in home’ workout!!

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I did the new CX Worx 14 DVD (I did the 6 tracks plus the 3 bonus tracks, too!) and then practiced a few yoga poses and got in a good stretch session.  When I finished, my core felt STRONG!!

Breakfast post the morning workout in my basement ~

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DELICIOUS THRIVE Shake!!! – included: Unsweetened Almond Milk, Peach Activia yogurt, Strawberries. 

If you want more info on THRIVE products by Le-Vel, or would like to order a two-week supply to try, just use my link (  You will need to click out of the video that pops up (or, I suggest you watch it).  Then hit the ‘Buy now’ link at the top right of the page.  Any questions, just email me at and I will gladly try to answer them for you. 

I made it to work around noon and got down to business.  The afternoon flew by since I had quite a bit of catching up to do that had piled high over the weekend.

Lunch at the Y (behind my desk, while working) ~

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Sweet Tater  — baked this morning while getting ready for work.

I also munched on Salt & Pepper Pistachios (roughly a serving) and 1/2 of a HUGE Honeycrisp Apple through-out the afternoon today.


HUGE Honeycrisp Apple. Tasted AMAZING!

I called it quits around 5 o’clock and made my way into the gym to get warm on the lateral elliptical before BodyPUMP.  There was a FULL house in BP tonight!  My Monday night crew comes ready to W-O-R-K! and we did just that.  It was an AWESOME Monday evening strength session (clocked it at 550 calories burned! Yeah!!)

Dinner to re-fuel ~

photo_3 (3)

Salad + Grilled Chicken with Garden Vegetable Sauce & Asiago Cheese

image (17)

Garden Veggie Sauced Used with Dinner

I plan to whip up some PB2 powder tonight and enjoy it as my snack with possibly a banana, since I have not had any PB yet today.  I am craving it as I type!

image_1 (15)

Only 45 calories & 1 gram of Fat per serving. Boo-ya!

How were your eating habits on this Monday?  I hope you kick-started the week with “Extra-Healthy” eating habits!! Weekend is over (which I know is more lax for some) and it is time to get back down to business.

Were you able to get in a workout?!  If you struggle with committing to a workout each day, then you need to find a ‘fitness friend’  — someone who is going to help hold you ACCOUNTABLE for your workouts.  You should either schedule a time to hit the gym together, or simply just communicate with one another about your workouts on a daily basis.  You would be surprised at how helpful this ‘fitness friend’ can be.  Think about it:

Are you going to continually back-out on them at the gym?  I should hope not.  If you schedule a meeting time, you will show up.  Are you going to like communicating to your ‘fitness friend’ day after day that you did not get in a workout…doubtful.  ACCOUNTABILITY – it forces you to get the job done. 

I would recommend searching out a ‘fitness friend’ who is at a slightly HIGHER fitness level than yourself if you can – that way, you are always pushing yourself to get to their level!! Consider them your MOTIVATOR!! Or, having a ‘fitness friend’ at your same level would be equally beneficial.  You could keep tabs on one another and progress together!

nice quote

Seriously, search out a ‘fitness friend’ and see what I mean when I say that “ACCOUNTABILITY can play a huge role in achieving your fitness goals!!”

Until next time ~

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