My alarm sounded too early this morning…5AM “wake-up calls” on Saturday mornings are not exactly my favorite.  I got up, got ready, packed all the ingredients I would need to make a THRIVE shake for breakfast at the Y, tossed in an extra banana because it looked good, and took off.

I waited until my hunger hit this morning before heading into the kitchen at the Y to make my shake – around 7:30ish.  Got everything out…realized I forgot to put a packet of THRIVE in my bag (darn-it!!).  I was so bummed.  That is what waking up at 5AM gets you – errors.

Alternative Breakfast ~

Banana + Zone Perfect: Mint Chocolate Bar

zone perfect bar box

I worked up until Yoga class this morning, then joined in on the action.  It was an AWESOME Saturday morning stretch session, as always.  I love Saturday morning yoga practice ~ such a great start to the weekend.

what makes you happy

Yoga both energized and motivated me!  When it ended, I was ready for a workout: part 2.  I needed a good strength training session, so I decided to create my own TRX strength workout

image (18)

An hour later I was a sweaty mess, my muscles had most definitely hit fatigue, and I had kicked my own butt!  It was one of the best TRX workouts I have had yet…I felt STRONG when I finished!

Post-workout Lunch at home ~

image (33)

THRIVE Shake!!

I spent the first part of the afternoon cleaning and making home-made granola!  I used the same ingredients listed on the home-made granola I buy from Grounded Health Food Store (it is DELICIOUS!).  I did not follow a recipe (I wish I had their recipe!!), but rather just created my own.  It did not end up tasting exactly like the Grounded Granola, but it is still SO GOOD!

image_2 (22)

KT’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Granola

I ate too much of this tasty stuff.  Enough to keep me satisfied for the rest of the afternoon while I accomplished some painting at the house.  I plan on sharing ALOT of this deliciousness I made today with others so I do not continue to eat all of it!! 

The later part of the afternoon & early evening flew by today.  I spent it listening to music and singing aloud while painting closets again!! ~ I know, I lead such an exciting life (Hah!).

Dinner this evening ~

image (34)

Baby Kale + Mixed Greens, Asian Slaw Blend, Green Onions, Walnuts, Craisens, Cracked Pepper, and Asiago Cheese

image_1 (24)

Grilled Chicken Tenders (ended up eating a 3rd one – not pictured) + BBQ

Did I mention it was Saturday Night Wine Night?  Well, it is.  Therefore, after dinner I enjoyed another glass of the wine my sister gave me.  It is very tasty ~ I will definitely be purchasing a second bottle.

image_5 (8)

I planned ahead today by packing my CX tubes & bringing them home with me from the Y today.  I also brought with me the CX Release 14 DVD from my DVD stash, just in case I get stuck doing an ‘at home’ workout tomorrow due to the weather.  My original game plan for tomorrow was an 8-mile ‘dreadmill’ run (I am ready for the outdoors!!) at the Y…but, I may alter that plan-of-action given today’s extra tough TRX workout.  My legs might be too tired for 8 miles. Time will tell, time will tell.

What is your workout plan for tomorrow?  Hopefully you have a tentative one in place!

Keep up those healthy eating habits (and if you make granola…do yourself a favor and share it with others so you are only left with a small serving to enjoy!)

Until next time ~