My Friday started at 6 o’clock this morning. Got dressed, packed my gym bag, packed everything I would need to whip up a THRIVE shake at the Y, and took off. 

I munched on 1/2 of a thinkThin bar on my way to the Y so I would have some energy for my sweat-session.

friday think thin

I hopped on treadmill #2 and got in 5.5 QUICK & SWEATY miles before beginning work. The miles felt GREAT this morning…I can tell my running is improving! And when I run, I can tell my core has become stronger (credit that to CX, Yoga, and TRX!!) ~ Continuous effort does pay off I suppose. 

good one for the blog

I finished off the thinkThin bar post-run, then got ready to teach Morning Energizers followed by a session of TRX. 

Lunch today (at my desk…back to normal) ~

image (32)

THRIVE Shake!! ~ Made with Unsweetened Original Almond Milk, Strawberries, and Activia Strawberry Yogurt

I left work at around 2:30 this afternoon to spend some time painting at “the project”…aka, the house; however, before I could get in a productive paint session, I needed a POWER NAP.  I tried to nap, but I mainly just laid there for 25 minutes and then browsed Pinterest on my phone for another 15.  Oh well, at least it was relaxing. 

Power snack before painting ~

image_1 (22)

1/2 Sandwich Thin with Earth Balance PB + Banana (OMG…so good!) 

The PB  It was exactly what I “needed” to get me energized to paint!!  The time flew by while I was painting.  I was working by myself this evening, which gave me the opportunity to sing aloud the entire time I was painting…and that is exactly what I did!! I LOVE to sing, just not when I am around anyone (if you ever see me driving, you will likely always see my lips moving – I am SINGING!!)

Dinner occurred about 8:30, once I finally got home from painting and decided what I wanted to whip up.

image_2 (21)

 Grilled Chicken Tenders (3) topped with Garden Vegetable Sauce & Asiago Cheese + Fresh Roasted Veggies:  Cauliflower, Carrots, Green Beans, & Asparagus (seasoned with Garlic Pepper Seasoning)

It is ‘Friday Night Wine Night’…so to go with my dinner ~

image_3 (19)

image_5 (8)

The Cabernet Sauvignon from my AMAZING Sister ~ it was DELISH.

Today flew by.  I cannot believe it is after 10 o’clock already.  I hate to be a party pooper, but that is nearly my bed-time.  I have to be at the Y to cover the front desk by 6 tomorrow morning, so it will be another day of early rising for me!

I hope you all have had an AWESOME week of healthy eating habits ~ let’s keep them STRONG as we head into the weekend.  I am planning either a TRX workout or Power Yoga at the Y tomorrow ~ heck, maybe both!!…what is your game-plan for a weekend workout?  You better get one!

Until next time ~

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