Wednesday ~

My morning started off rather early.  I was in the RUNNING mood since I only managed to get 3 miles in yesterday before CX Worx class…that was not enough to satisfy me.  The Runner’s World quote I received in my inbox yesterday motivated the heck out of me!!!

image (5) - Copy


I wanted to make a THRIVE shake before heading to the Y, but I also wanted to enjoy it after my morning workout because it always tastes extra delicious after a TOUGH, sweaty workout.  I talked myself into waiting on the shake, but needed a little energy before my workout session.

image_1 (21)

Pre-Workout Energy:  Good Greens Peanut Chocolate Bar (ate 1/2 of it)

I was able to get in FOUR quick miles this morning before heading back to the group exercise room to instruct BodyPUMP 84.  By the end of class, I was worn out!

i kicked some serious ass

I munched the other half of my Good Greens bar directly after BodyPUMP.  In no time after that, I whipped up my THRIVE Shake!!!

image (23) Post Workout THRIVE Shake with Unsweetened Original Almond Milk, Strawberries, and Strawberry Activia Yogurt ~ Hit.The.Spot!!!

image (31)

Almond Milk I am currently using in my shakes

I worked until around 1 o’clock, then left the Y for a meeting I had scheduled.

image_5 (8)

Gift from my Sister this past weekend — it is now ‘official’

I went to ‘sign my life away’ on the dotted line for a home today.  It is the “project” that I have been talking about the last couple of weeks.  It became official today when I had the closing to sign all the documents.  It needs some work, but at some point in the future I will have a home of my own to go to each night.  I was waiting to enjoy this bottle of wine until I signed the papers to make it official. 

Lunch today ~

image_2 (20)

Winkler’s Salad with Grilled Chicken and Feta Dressing – one of my FAVS!!!

I needed a break from work today and felt like I needed a brief hour to do absolutely nothing.  I hardly EVER eat lunch anywhere but at the Y, behind my desk, while working…so today, I changed that.  I went to Winkler’s after signing all the paperwork for the home and enjoyed a lunch hour by myself.  Some people would HATE to have lunch by themselves…not me.  I did not mind it one bit.  It was rather enjoyable.  It was quiet and I was able to take time to THINK THROUGH & SORT the 100 thoughts I feel like I constantly have running through my head.  Sometimes, we just need to STOP, STEP AWAY, and just BE.   That is exactly what I did today for an hour – and decided I need to do it more often.

After the late lunch, I was off to gymnastics, then back to the Y to do more work for several hours. 

Snack this evening at the Y to hold me over until dinner ~

thursday snack apple

Organic Pink Lady Apple

Dinner this evening ~

image_3 (14)

image_3 (18)

Ami’s Organic Vegetable Soup with Asiago Cheese

image_4 (15)

1/2 a Wheat Sandwich Thin with Garden Vegetable Sauce & 3 Cheese Blend


image (17)

I was SO hungry tonight, even after eating dinner.  I snacked on a little Peanut Butter (yes, just stuck my finger in the jar and licked it.  It is MY peanut butter….only I use it ~ otherwise, I would not do such a thing!)

grounded pb

I also ended up eating…

pretzel thins choc

Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzels Crisps – ate not ONE serving, but nearly TWO. YIKES!!!

I think my extra hunger stems from the workout this morning; however, I know I ate WAY MORE than I burned in my lengthy workout this morning.   I went over calories today for sure …but, I know I will have slip-ups like this.   My GOAL = do better tomorrow! 

oh yes april 12

Keep up your healthy eating habits you have going this week, and your sweaty workouts.  Remember…there is always room for improvement!

Until next time ~

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