Breakfast = change-up!!

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Good Greens Bar: Banana Nut

I did not have THRIVE in hands yet (my friend was dropping it by the Y this morning), so I opted for a Good Greens bar to start my day instead ~ it was rather tasty!!

I taught Morning Energizers this morning, then made a quick trip to Grounded Health Foods Store to pick up some items (well, I went for my Earth Balance Peanut Butter & came home with that plus ten other things…as always!) before having to be back to the Y at noon.

Mid-morning snack was Pistachios (Salt & Pepper flavor) – on my way home from Grounded.  About one hour later, I munched on just a bit of this DELICIOUS granola mix ~ I could not resist picking it up while at Grounded:

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Peanut Butter Chocolate Home-made Granola (So GOOD!)

Lunch today ~

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Thrive Shake: made with Unsweetened Original Almond Milk, Strawberries, and Activia Strawberry yogurt.

I enjoyed having my shake at lunch today…but I just love starting my day with it; however, I may try to start changing it up a bit and having it for breakfast on some days and lunch on others.  I could easily drink it for two meals a day and be oh, so, content; however, I cannot afford that option currently…so, once a day it will stay (bummer!).

I worked through the afternoon and called it quits a little early to get warm in the gym before teaching BodyPUMP.

We had a great class this evening!  Game-faces were ON and everyone came to work.  That is what I LOVE about my Monday night crew: They ALWAYS come ready to sweat!

sweat is fat crying

Post Workout Dinner tonight at the Y (I had to stick around to work and do weigh-ins for the Weight Loss Challenge) ~

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Baby Kale with Asian Slaw, White Onion, Pepper, Craisens & WAL-NUTS (yum!)…oh, and Asiago Cheese (double yum!)

With my salad I munched on another ‘find’ from Grounded today:

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Gluten Free Mini Whole Grain Baked Crackers

I normally try to steer clear of anything ‘cracker-y’ ~ but, I just could not resist these today at Grounded either.  They are AWESOME.  I ate about a whole serving size (30 crackers – they are about 1 inch by 1 inch), granted they were very light and crispy…but still.

I think I must have burned some definite calories in BodyPUMP this evening, because I was ready to eat more when I got home from the Y at about 8:30.  I snacked on Carrots + Roasted Red Pepper Hummus (my ‘go to’ when I need something to eat quick) while I cut up two Kiwis.

Evening Snack ~

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2 Fresh Kiwis + Frozen Blackberries (same as last night & mighty tasty!)

How were your eating habits on this Monday?  Were most of your eats ‘fresh?’  I do hope so!  ~ Seriously, once you go fresh…you won’t go back (to processed or canned or blah blah blah).  FRESH is BEST!  I know fresh is more expensive, but it is your HEALTH you are talking about here, people!!! When it comes to expense on foods or my THRIVE shake mix, I am willing to pay a higher price to get the “good-stuff”  because I want to be feeding my body the BEST healthy foods.  My plan is to live forever…and if I cannot, then I will at least live to be one-hundred and two.  That, my friends, is going to require staying healthy for a LONG time!!  Our bodies are our vessels and they have to last us a life-time. 

most people have no idea

Looking forward to a Tuesday filled with a morning of Yoga, a day of work, and an evening of classes…and perhaps some treadmill time!! Do you have your workout planned in to your Tuesday yet?  If not, get it penciled in and GET YOUR SWEAT ON!!!

really like this

Until next time ~

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