What, is it seriously Sunday already? Goodness-Gracious, where does the time go?

The day started out with a THRIVE shake…and a problem.  I am O-U-T of THRIVE nutrient mix.  If you follow my blog at all, you know it is a staple in my daily diet – drink it routinely every single morning.  I placed an order for more last week, but when tracking the package this morning I found some not so good news.  My THRIVE will not be at my doorstep until Wednesday ~ ahhhhhh!  Left me no choice, I had to call in back-up.  I text a friend who also drinks THRIVE shakes on a daily basis & THANKFULLY, she is going to drop me off 3 packets tomorrow morning to get me through Wednesday.  My Sunday = Made when she told me she had plenty to spare & would not mind letting me borrow some of her mix. Whoop whoop!  So, I do NOT have to experience a day without my Thrive! Yay.

image (29)

THRIVE with Unsweetened Original Almond Milk, Strawberries, and Activia Peach Yogurt 

Since Friday was a REST DAY (the first I had allowed myself in a while – I was feeling rather fatigued on Thursday evening, so decided that it was time to throw in a day free of exercise.  I did practice yoga on Friday morning, but that was extent of my Friday exercise) and yesterday I chose to do CX + Power Vinyasa Yoga, that meant it was SUNDAY RUN-DAY.

I hit the treadmill at the Y (#2 was taken, so went to the second best #5) for  6.5 miles (all of which felt sweaty & oh so good!).  Thanks to my AWESOME Garmin Forerunner 110, I know that I burned through roughly 727 Calories in the hour I spent on the treadmill…double AWESOME!!

image (6)

Post-Run Eats ~

banana sunday


zone perfect bar box

Zone Bar: Mint Chocolate (hit. the. spot.)

I worked at the Y for a little while after finishing up the run, then went on down the road to get started on the project I have underway.  I spent the majority of the afternoon busy-at-work…when 5 o’clock rolled around it was quitting time.  By then, I was HUNGRY!

I had to have a snack when I got home because dinner was not going to happen until around 6:30ish…so, I snacked on Carrots & Roasted Red Pepper Hummus + 15-20 Salt & Pepper Pistachios (YUM!)


red pepper

image_5 (4)

Dinner this evening ~

image_1 (19)

Baby Kale with Asian Slaw, Green Onions, Asiago Cheese, Craisens, and Cracked Pepper (of course!)

image_5 (3)

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup (mmm mm good!)

I spent the evening visiting with grandparents, browsing Pinterest, and reading a Runner’s World Magazine…it is about time I get serious and get a game-plan for my training leading up to the INDY 500 Festival Half Marathon.  It will be here May 3rd, which is like two months away ~ woah! This year, the goal is to finish sub 2 hours.  In previous years, I have always finished just a few minutes over 2 hours…but, NOT THIS YEAR, people!! 

500 festival pic

good for march 29

Evening snack ~

image_2 (18)

Fresh Kiwi + Frozen Blackberries ~ DELICIOUS!!!

Alright, it is Sunday…you know what that means!! ~ Get to planning out those goals for the week. Do NOT go to bed without jotting them down or putting them in your iPhone notepad, got it?!  You need to be able to look at them DAILY!  Why? because out of sight = out of mind.  So, keep them IN SIGHT and ready to read each day of this week.  Make them, then make’em happen!!

Until next time ~