Long day, but a good day.

It started out at 6:15. I was at the Y by shortly after 7 o’clock.  I wanted to start my day off with a RUN.  I did not ‘hop’ out of bed given the week that I have had.   While still in bed, I decided to pull up my email on my phone (which I keep right beside my bed) in the hopes that a RW Quote of the Day was in my inbox…BOO-YA! There was!

image (5)

After reading this very short, yet very motivational quote (it is one of my favs!), I did ‘HOP’ out of bed and kick-it into gear.  I ran a solid 5 miles on the treadmill and felt great – wished I could have had more time to spare, as I would have continued on.


Post-run THRIVE Shake (it was my breakfast) that tasted AMAZING ~

image_4 (13)

Hit. The. Spot.

Lunch today while working was 1/2 of a big Honeycrisp Apple + a Sweet Potato that I had made last night & packed up in my little lunch bag.

image_4 (4)

Sweet Potato Thins


1/2 of this huge Apple

I worked until 4:30 today and then had a TRX Training Session with two AWESOME young ladies! We all did the TRX full-body workout together ~ I really enjoyed it…I hope they did also!

I followed up TRX with CX class this evening.  I made my own CX Combo using previous releases and it was tough!  I had a great group tonight…I believe the entire class was sweating by the end ~ and I was dripping with sweat, which is no surprise! Talk about CORE WORK.  TRX + CX = ALL CORE, ALL THE TIME!! Which is fine by me, since I LOVE working my core!!

every damn day nike

I ate 1/2 thinkThin bar between TRX and CX, and finished off the other half after CX before heading into my New Year, New You program.  It was the last thing on my agenda for the day…thankfully.

think thin

I was hungry when I arrived home from the Y at around 8:30.  I wanted some real food. I snacked on just a few carrots with hummus while I fixed myself dinner.

Dinner (at around 9 o’clock…oh goodness) ~

image (28)

Gluten Free Fiesta Wrap with Grilled Chicken, Asian Slaw, Green Onion, BBQ,  Laughing Cough Light Swiss Cheese Wedge & a bit of Asiago Cheese

image_1 (18)

Fresh Green Beans tossed in EVOO and seasoned with Cracked Pepper + Garlic Pepper Seasoning (oven at 400 degrees for 20-25 minutes)  — ONE OF MY FAVS!

Dessert this evening (I had a sweet tooth!) ~

pretzel thins choc

5 Dark Chocolate Pretzel Crisps!  Mmm mmm Good!

Today flew by.  Wow.  I have so much to get ready for tomorrow before hitting the sack, but it is nice to be back to the blog.  Sorry my schedule has not allowed for it the past several days. 

I hope your eating habits have been healthy & clean this week!!  My week has not been the most strict one for the books, but overall the eats have been healthy and fresh. 

image (4)

Have you been able to get in any exercise this week?  Do yourself a favor and schedule a workout in tomorrow or during the weekend to help your metabolism and your mood!! My workouts have been AWESOME this week ~ I can tell I am getting stronger in my core, my running ability, and in my flexibility (yes!).  Set goals & get in the mind set to make them happen, people!!

make time for it

Until next time ~

be amazing