Monday –

It was a FUN day…for a Monday.

My day started out with a 45 minute AB + Stretch session in my basement.  My goal is to get my splits (right, left, and middle) ALL THE WAY DOWN!! and also to continue improving my core strength!  It was a great start to my day that allowed me to focus on those two goals.

Post mini-morning workout shake ~

image (26)

THRIVE with Unsweetened Almond Milk, Strawberries (4), Activia Peach Yogurt (1/2 container), and Blueberriesimage_1 (16)

I did not go in to work until noon today, so I had the rest of the morning to get things accomplished at home…which was so nice.  I had some major catching up to do around home & was able to get a great deal accomplished before heading in to work.

Lunch today while working ~

image_2 (16)

Balance Bar: Dark Chocolate Crunch (picked it up at Target this weekend)

The new bar was pretty good, but does not rank above my thinkThin or Zone Bar: Mint Chocolate in taste or in hunger satisfaction!! But, it was a nice change-up.

Mid-afternoon snack ~

image_3 (15)

Half of a Sweet Potato (made this morning while at home)

The sweet potato I made this morning was HUGE.  I decided to take half of it for lunch and save the rest to eat with my dinner.  Once I started munching on the slices at work, I wished I would have brought all of it along because it was SO. GOOD.

I closed up shop around 4:30 and jumped in on a TRX session that was in progress.  I was able to get in on the last 20 minutes…so worth it!  I wish I could have done the entire session!! ~ The instructor was rocking it & I thoroughly enjoyed just being a PARTICIPANT of the class for once…I cannot wait to do that again! 


After TRX, it was time for some BodyPUMP.  It felt wonderful to get in some strength training tonight!  I think the last strength workout I had was last Wednesday.  So, I was long overdue!  With that being said, we HIT IT HARD in class tonight because I was ready for a TOUGH workout!  I was thinking “BRING IT ON!!” ~ By the end, we all agreed it had been a GREAT sweat session!

april 12 i like this one

I finally managed to eat some dinner at around 8 o’clock this evening.  Shew, better late than never I guess.

image_5 (11)

Fiesta Gluten Free Wrap with Grilled Chicken, Gouda Light Cheese Wedge, Asian Slaw mix, Green Onions, Pepper, and bit-o-BBQ sauce

image_6 (8)

My wrap, paired with the remaining Sweet Tater + Carrots & Hummus!

image_4 (12)

Used a few of these chicken strips on my wrap this evening. Rather tasty.

image (4)

Here are the Gluten-Free Fiesta Wraps I have been using (bought at Grounded Natural Foods) when I whip up a delicious wrap!

Dessert tonight ~

image_7 (3)

Fresh assortment of Kiwi, Strawberries, Blackberries, and Blueberries ~ DELICIOUS!!!

Overall, an AWESOME Monday!  I think it helped me so much to just be able to stay at home for a while this morning and get caught up.  It allowed me to feel way less stressed-out the entire day.  It is always nice to start Monday off on the right foot!

How was your Monday?  Did you have healthy eating habits to kick-start your week?  Try to get as many fresh veggies and fruits in to your meals as possible this week! Why? because fresh, fresh, fresh is always BEST!

eat right

Until next time ~

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