I have had better days. 

Woke up around 6:15 this morning and was at the Y shortly after 7 o’clock.  I enjoyed a morning THRIVE Shake at the Y while working.  At 9, it was YOGA time.

image_3 (6)

Morning THRIVE Shake…YUM.

Yoga felt great this morning. A good stretch for my fatigued muscles!! After it ended, I worked for a bit longer, ran some errands, then did some work on my current project I have underway. 

At some point in time while running errands (probably around 11 or so), my hunger hit.  I munched on a Zone Perfect Bar:  Mint Chocolate while driving from point A to point B.

When I finally arrived home, I needed a shower and a nap.  My mood was absolutely horrible. Why?  Who knows.  Sometimes I wonder why some days my mood takes a drastic turn for the worse.  I will blame it on the tiring week catching up to me, although it may have stemmed from something else that I have yet to pin down.  Before I showered or napped, I took my bad mood out on food (UGH!)…my mom had made Rice-Crispie Treats for Valentine’s Day.  Normally I could have passed on those in a heart beat; however, given my horrible mood which along with it came the ‘I do not care’ attitude, I caved and ate one…then ate one more.  Each square was about 2” x 2”.  I hate bad moods…they usually cause me to make unhealthy food choices.

Late lunch (around 2) before heading to Indy ~

image (20)

  Baby Kale, Asian Slaw Mix, Green Onion, Asiago Cheese, Craisens, Grilled Chicken, Cracked Pepper

I was off to Indy shortly after munching on my salad.  I was headed to see my sister and her little family!! and, do some shopping at Target + Costco (two of my favs).  I could not wait to get there.  Listening to music and being alone in my car helped lighten my mood. 

image_1 (14)

Home-Made Peanut Butter + Chocolate Chip Granola made & bought at Grounded Natural Foods.

I munched on a bit of this delicious granola at some point in my drive to Indy.  It is made with all natural ingredients…and the ingredient list was very short.  I think six ingredients total.  The sweetener used was Agave Nectar & the PB taste was AWESOME!

Once I finally arrived at Indy (the drive took forever!), my sister & I made our way to Target.  I stocked up on thinkThin & Zone bars, plus picked up a couple other things I needed.  After Target…dinner-time.

Dinner ~

image_4 (10)

Side Salad (I used my own Hendrickson’s Salad Dressing)

image_3 (13)

Grilled Chicken (with HOT BBQ) in Wheat Wrap

We ordered dinner from Buffalo Wild Wings and ate in tonight.  The salad and wrap both tasted delicious.  The HOT BBQ inside my wrap had my mouth burning by the last bite. 

With my dinner, I enjoyed a bit of tasty wine ~

image_2 (14)

Single Serving bottle of Woodbridge Cabernet Sauvignon

Overall, my Saturday got better as it went on.  My eating habits were not the best, but could have been a lot worse given my horrible attitude.  After eating the rice crispie treats, I could have said “heck with it, I already ruined my healthy habits for the day” and gone on to eat way more junk (the thought crossed my mind); however, I chose to re-evaluate after my second rice-crispie.  I knew my body was tired and needed a nap, so I stopped eating and found my bed for a little while.  When I laid down, I decided that I would try to make the rest of the day filled with healthy choices. No more junk. 

How were your eating habits today?  Did you manage to keep the eats healthy this Saturday?  I hope so! 

Well, have a wonderful weekend & try to get out and do at least one thing you enjoy.

Until next time ~

stay strong

believe in yourself