Friday…started at 4:45 this morning.  YIKES.

I had a health fair for work I had to attend, which started at 6AM.  Since I did not shower last night (oops), that was first on the agenda. Once I was fresh and clean, I got all my bags packed for the day, made my THRIVE shake, and took off.


Breakfast ~  Unsweetened Almond Milk, Strawberries, Blueberries, & THRIVE Shake Packet…Scrumptious!!

I stayed at the health fair until 8, then booked it over to the Y to instruct Morning Energizers followed by TRX.  Both were great classes.

Lunch rolled around rather early since my breakfast occurred at 5:45 this morning.  Once the TRX session ended and I got situated at my desk, I munched on a thinkThin bar – which was around 11:30.

think thin

thinkThin Brownie Crunch Protein Bar

The afternoon zipped right on by.  Around 2:30 or so, I decided I needed to have a little snack if I was going to get a run in at some point in the afternoon or evening.  I prefer to leave 2 hours between when I eat and when I start my workout.  I hate working out with food in my belly! I snacked on about 1/2 a serving of Pistachios – Salt & Pepper flavor…duh.

image_5 (4)

Mid-Afternoon Snack ~ Nuts.

My game-plan had been to go home and get a quick nap (since I had such an early wake-up call) then go back to the Y later this evening to run; however, with the snow falling steadily as I closed-up shop at my desk around 3:30, I decided I better hit the treadmill while I still could.

I strapped on my Garmin Forerunner 110 (LOVE it!!) + HRM and got down to business.  Did I mention I had popped 3 ALEVE while snacking on my pistachios?  I wanted to make sure my ankle gave me little or no trouble during my sweat session.  I have not run on it since this past Sunday (with the exception of trying to have a go at it on Tuesday morning…unsuccessful attempt).  I told myself that if I let it rest this week (meaning: NO running on it), then I could hammer down on Friday and log some miles if it felt better.

I made my goal of 7.5 SWEET, SWEATY MILES tonight on treadmill #2 ~ complete in about an hour and ten minutes.  The ankle felt great once it got warmed up (this was likely due to the ALEVE, but I am not complaining!!).

image (18)

I received this “Daily Kick in the Butt” quote from Runnersworld this morning, and I thought about it when I felt like quitting after mile six.  Not because I wanted to be finished with my run, but because I had grown sick of staring at a red wall.  Thank goodness for AWESOME TUNES that kept me going strong.  I could never make that mileage on a treadmill without music. No. Way.

run addicting

It was homeward bound after I finished my run.  I had received an unexpected Valentine’s Day Treat from a couple of AMAZING friends, and was super anxious to sample one. Check these sweet things out ~

image_1 (13)

Homemade Chocolate Covered Strawberries ~ Woah Baby!!

I sampled a little one when I got home.  I plan to sample another one (a bit bigger one) here in just a little while for my evening snack.  The little one I munched on was MMM MMM DELICIOUS.  How could they not be delish?…I mean, it is strawberries & chocolate combined. YUM!

Dinner tonight ~

image_2 (13)

Fresh Cauliflower & Green Beans (drizzled with EVOO & roasted in the oven) + a Turkey Sandwich on a Whole Wheat Sandwich Thin with Gouda Cheese Wedge, a bit-o-BBQ ranch sauce, Green Onions, and Baby Kale Mix

Dinner was not exactly what I wanted, but it was all I felt like making.  So, it sufficed.  After dinner, came the wine – I think I wanted that more than dinner, really.  Being able to finally relax tonight feels AWESOME! 

image_3 (9)

2 glasses (my max) Alamos Melbec – Delish.

I hope you all have had (and are having) a wonderful Valentine’s Day.  Try not to overdue the sweet treats…but to indulge a bit would be just fine!  Did you all managed to get in your sweat session today to start your weekend off right?

Until next time ~

believe that success

image (19)