Thursday…well, that was a quick day!  I feel like it was just a few hours ago that I drove over to the Y admiring an AWESOME sunrise while listening to a new song I downloaded on iTunes (which I discovered at CCJ).

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I got to the Y in time to warm-up for about 20 minutes on the Elliptical before taking YOGA.  Yoga was a great stretch session today ~ exactly what I needed.  After yoga, I enjoyed my THRIVE Shake.

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Thursday Morning Breakfast

Work followed yoga.  My mid-morning snack consisted of Carrots & Roasted Red Pepper Hummus, which held me over until lunch.  I took the afternoon off to spend time with my sister and little baby Jacyn before they head back to their home tomorrow, so we enjoyed a late lunch all together after I left the Y. 

Lunch ~

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1/2 a can of Ami’s Organic Vegetable Soup (shared the other half with my sister) + Asiago Cheese

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Baby Kale mix with Asian Slaw Bend, 1/2 Hard-Boiled Egg (no yolk), Craisens, Green Onions, Cracked Pepper, Asiago Cheese, Pistachios

Not pictured would be the scrumptious home-made chex + nut party mix that I snacked on while we were visiting my grandma.  She always has a home-made, crunchy snack mix that I cannot ever pass up.  Today, it tasted extra yummy!! I ate more than I should have, for sure.

It was so nice to spend a little time away from work and with my family.  The few hours flew by.  Before I knew it, I had to head back to the Y to get ready for my evening classes. 

I did a CX Change-Up tonight.  Everyone has asked me to change up the release, so tonight we finally did.  I decided on CX 12…and it was TOUGH!!  I had a small class tonight, but all those in it were individuals who constantly challenge themselves (and challenge me to work hard as well), which made for an AWESOME functional strength session.  Whoop whoop!

important meetings

Right after CX came a New Year, New You.  Then, it was dinner time.  I met my family at a local restaurant in town to eat a late dinner with them.  It was nearly 8:30 before I was able to enjoy some evening eats.

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Chef Salad with Grilled Chicken + Four Wheat Cracker Thins

The salad did not completely satisfy me ~ I was HUNGRY!! When I got home, I was craving kiwi…so, I cut up two fresh kiwi and enjoyed those for my ‘dessert!’ – What I really wanted was wine (a whole bottle sounded nice based on how tired I felt), but I opted for the kiwi tonight & decided to save the wine for tomorrow evening. 

image_4 (9)

Fresh Cut Kiwi — New FAV!!!

Overall, the day was a good one; however, I know one thing:  there is NEVER enough time in one day to accomplish everything on my TO DO list.  I get more behind each day.  Do you ever feel this way?!  I hope I am not the only one.  How was your Thursday?!  Did you keep your eating habits healthy today?

TGIF.  My Friday is packed full.  No time for exercise until tomorrow evening…at which point I hope to have a “date” with treadmill #2 for a long-awaited running session.  I have not ran in several days to give my ankle ample rest, but I told myself that if I stayed off of it through the week I could try to pound out some miles tomorrow.  The tentative game-plan is 7.5 or 8…but that will depend on energy level (since I will be waking up about 4:30 in the morning) and how the ankle holds up.


Hope you have a workout planned into your schedule tomorrow.  If not, you best do some rearranging. 

Until next time ~

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