Tuesday – Whoop whoop!

My day started out at home, with an IN HOME workout!  The original game-plan was a treadmill run…but, my ankle wanted NO part of that this morning. No way.  It was very painful when I tried to run (even with my brace on), so I decided to let it rest today.  I think the extra cold weather really irritates it.

image_6 (5)

I walked 2.0 miles instead with major inclines the entire time (ankle does not hurt to walk…only to run. My facial expression = pouty lip).  After the inclined walk, I did a combination of high intensity exercises + abdominal exercises & push-ups in my basement.  It was a GREAT (and SWEATY) change-up!! Lots of BURPEES and  HIGH KNEE SPRINTS to get the heart rate up, up, up!

Post-workout shake/Breakfast ~

image (14)

THRIVE with Strawberries, Blueberries, & Unsweetened Almond Milk

After the rise & shine workout, I spent the rest of the morning with my sister and little britches (baby Jacyn!).  They are home for most of the week.  I wish I could just take the entire week off to be with them!!  But, I cannot.  At least I got to spend a couple hours with them this morning.

Lunch at work (around 12) was a baked Sweet Tater that I made last night.  It was a rather large one, so it was quite filling!

At around 3 o’clock, I felt hungry again and needed more eats.  I made my way to my lunch box and pulled out:

image (3)

A Banana

To eat with:

image_4 (8)

Earth Balance PB + Steckler Honey on a Whole Wheat Sandy Thin

image_7 (2)

image_1 (4)

Individual Serving Size Earth Balance PB ~ I used one today.  They are AWESOME!!! Great for me & the ‘M’ word (Moderation!) on my PB intake…found them at Grounded.

The PB sandwich hit.the.spot. – I could have eaten two because of how DELICIOUS it was…but, I know better.

I closed up shop at work around 5:30, then hit the elliptical to get warm for about 20 minutes before instructing CX Worx class.

Class rocked tonight (or at least I thought so)!  I LOVE release 13.  Love it!  Great class to increase your overall functional strength level, without a doubt.  I could tell all of my participants brought their game-faces tonight – I was impressed!

blog pic for saturday

Once the CX sweat-session ended, I was off to teach my New Year, New You program.  Tonight in class…we exercised!! So, I got in yet another mini workout.  Man, today was full of exercise! Whoop, whoop!

Dinner this evening was late.  Around 8:30 by the time I got home and whipped it up. ~

image_1 (11)

 Fiesta Gluten-Free Wrap with Grilled Chicken, Gouda Cheese Wedge, bit-o-BBQ sauce, and Asian Slaw Mix, Green Onions & Cracked Pepper

image_2 (11)

With a side of PEAS.

After I wiped out this plate of food (in no time because I was HUNGRY!) I went on to the sweet stuff:

image_3 (11)

Two Freshly Cut Kiwis

Followed by ~

pretzel thins choc

A Serving of Dark Chocolate Pretzel Thins

Overall, my Tuesday was AWESOME!! Best day I have had in a few weeks, for several reasons.  How was your Tuesday?  Did you get in a good sweat session?  And keep the eating habits healthy overall?  I do hope so! Evaluate those weekly goals tonight.

Until next time ~