Monday.  Here and gone – one word:  quick.

My day started out with a 4:15 wake-up call.  Yikes!  BodyPUMP started at 5 o’clock this morning.  I had to switch the morning instructor classes today due to an evening Y commitment.  The ladies in the morning class did AWESOME!  We got in one tough strength training session to start the day. 

nike make it burn

After BodyPUMP, I made a post-workout THRIVE Shake and then ventured into the Wellness Center to polish off my morning workout with the inner/outer thigh + the hamstring machines…the two areas that are not focused on in a BP class.


Mid-morning snack (after waking up from a 45 minute powernap) ~

image (13)

Cracked Wheat toast with Earth Balance PB, bit-o-Agave + Banana

image_1 (3)

I got back to work around 11 today, since I knew I would not be leaving there until 8 or so this evening.  It was a rather LONG day at the Y…but a quick day.  I will say one thing, I could tell I had done BodyPUMP this morning.  I was EXTRA hungry the ENTIRE day.  I felt like I could have eaten a HOUSE (not really, but you get my point, yeah?) I did eat way more today than I have in a long time.

Here goes the rest of my eats:

Around noon or so, I snacked on Salt & Pepper Pistachios (about 1 serving worth) and a Sweet Tater I had made last night and packed in my lunch box.

image_1 (10)

Sweet Tater ~ so darn good!

At 3:30 this afternoon, I needed another meal.  I opted for some greens this go round.  I pulled out the salad I had packed & enjoyed every bite!  I cannot get enough of my salads.  I crave them almost daily!!

image_2 (10)

Baby Kale, Asian Slaw Blend, Green Onions, Asiago Cheese, Slivered Almonds, Craisens & Cracked Pepper

The salad hit. the. spot. and kept me satisfied for a while. Around 7 o’clock, I needed a snack.  I went for the last thing I had packed in my lunch box.  Some Baby Carrots & Roasted Red Pepper Hummus.  I also ate a Zone Bar: Mint Chocolate out of my gym bagI am telling you…my hunger was crazy out of control today!

Once I got home from the Y, I ate more…

image_5 (3)

A Bowl of Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

natures own

One Plain Multi-Grain Sandwich Thin (ate it with my soup)

image_4 (7)

Fresh Kiwi ~ YUM!

As if this rather large consumption of food were not enough…I also managed to sneak in a few Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzel Thins (from a fresh, new bag at our house) to end the evening. 

pretzel thins choc

Not sure what my problem was today, but I sure hope this hunger is NOT present tomorrow.  Holy Moly.  I am blaming it all on the AWESOME sweat session at 5AM this morning.

How were your Monday eating habits?  I am hoping you did not eat as much as me!

Until next time ~

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