Is it seriously Sunday night already?  OMG…where do the weekends go?

Today I set my wake-up call (aka = alarm) for 6:45 ~ earlier than normal for being Sunday.  I needed to get in my exercise before the day started, since I knew it was going to be pretty well booked full from church on.  Did I want to get up? No. But did I want to get a workout in today?  Yes.  So, I had only one choice.  Get up & get it done.

go the extra mile

I got the Y around 7:30 and pounded out a little over FIVE good miles on the treadmill to start my day.  The first three were in my own company, since no one else had ventured in for a workout yet.  It was nice to have the whole gym to myself!

I showered at the Y and left from there for church.  Before leaving for CCJ, I whipped up a post-run breakfast THRIVE Shake that tasted A-MAZING!

thursday shake

Post-Run THRIVE Shake. YUM.

The morning could not get much better since CCJ followed right directly after the RUN.  Two of my favorites, back-to-back.

After church was a trip to Home Depot to purchase project supplies.  On the way, I munched on a Zone Perfect Bar:  Mint Chocolate flavored.


I picked up several items that I needed for this afternoon.  I was able to get everything I went for and make it back to the Y by 1 o’clock – just in time to weigh-in individuals who are participating in the Y Weight Loss Challenge.  They all ROCKED it today!  I was SO IMPRESSED with everyone’s progress!!

When I left the Y, I snacked on Salt & Pepper Pistachios (that I keep in my gym bag) on my way to CVS to pick up more Salt & Pepper Pistachios because they are on SPECIAL this week! Cha-Ching!!

image_5 (4)

S& P Pistachios ~ one of my afternoon snacks

The remainder of the afternoon and early evening was spent working on the project.  While working, I managed to snack on a Banana, 1/2 of an Apple, and just a few Pita Chips. – what can I say…hard work makes you hungry!

Dinner this evening ~

image (12)

Greens with Asian Slaw, Green Onion, Reserve Blend Cheese, Pepper, Craisens

image_1 (9)

Grilled Chicken Wonton (baked) x 2

image_2 (9)

Alamos Malbec x 2 (much needed)

Dinner tasted delicious because I was quite hungry by the time I got it ready at 7:30 this evening.  I sipped on a glass of wine while making the wontons and salads, then decided to have another with dinner.  It was hitting the spot tonight.

I cannot believe tomorrow is Monday.  Goodness, I am so not ready for that.  We best be thinking of our fitness + nutrition goals for this week.  Get them down on paper or in your iphone notepad before you hit the sack tonight, so you can refer back to them this week!  I think I will make a 7.5 or 8 mile run one of my fitness goals for the week.  Any possibility I will be able to do that outdoors?…highly unlikely. Still too cold for me.  I also want to be sure and get in a kick-a$% TRX strength session. What will your goals be?!  Get to thinking.

Hope you all had an AWESOME weekend. 

Until next time ~

make exercise part of routine