Friday ~

Got up, got ready, packed my bags for an entire day away from home, made my THRIVE Shake and took off.  I had my game-plan for the entire day before I left home this morning at 7:45. 

Breakfast ~

image_4 (6)

Good Morning THRIVE Shake!! I was craving you.

I started my day off at work with Morning Energizers followed by a TRX training session.  Both classes put me in a good mood because of the people in them. 

Lunch today (around 12:30) was a Sweet Potato (sliced up and baked, as always) that I had made last night & packed in my lunch box this morning.  I also snacked on about 5-10 Pistachios…Salt & Pepper flavor, of course.

My hunger hit again around 3 o’clock this afternoon, at which time I pulled out a thinkThin bar from my gym bag & munched away.

think thin monday

thinkThin Brownie Crunch Protein Bar

I spent the afternoon away from work, but still working.  I was hard at work on a new project…one that will be time-consuming and require LOTS of manual labor, but will hopefully be well worth it in the end.

After calling it a day on the project, I made my way back to the Y for a RUN. I did not exactly have the energy for it after a whole day (week) of work…I was tired.  Thankfully, I had received another great Runner’s World ‘Quote of the Day’ in my email today that kept ringing in my head as I tried to talk myself into pounding out some miles on the treadmill. 

image (11)

It worked.  It was enough to motivate me to put on my running shoes and just start going.  Once I was 15 minutes into the run, I was zoned into my music and so thankful I had decided to stick to my game-plan and not back out on my treadmill time. 

everyday run

I ran a solid SIX MILES in a bit under an hour.  It was not my greatest effort, but I still felt so much better upon finishing.  I stretched (and took that as an opportunity to relax as well) for a good 15 minutes post-run, then went on home.

Dinner this evening ~

image_2 (8)

Small Salad + Grilled Chicken Wrap (using a Fiesta Gluten-Free wrap)

image_1 (8)

Fresh Kiwi…YUM. ~ I am hooked on Kiwi currently.

To accompany dinner was a much needed glass of wine.  I can so tell it is Friday this evening.  I am beat.  I always am by the time Friday evening hits.  

image_3 (8)

 Alamos Melbec

Tomorrow is Saturday and the weekend…but the Y awaits me in the morning for a workout and some work.  Do you have your workout scheduled for tomorrow yet?  You better find the time to get sweaty.  As you head into the weekend, try to plan out your meals and avoid too much “social snacking” – meaning: snacking while you socialize with friends or family. 

Have a great weekend, all.  Hopefully I will check back in tomorrow night.

Until next time ~

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