Wednesday ~

What a much better day than Tuesday.  I started out my Wednesday by checking my email on my phone while still in bed.  I normally DO NOT do this, but I am glad I did this morning.  I had just recently signed up to receive a “Quote of the Day” email from Runner’s World.  I had yet to receive an email, until this morning…My first one was in my inbox!!

image (10)

Reading this had me out of bed in no time.  I changed into my workout gear, strapped on my HRM, and hit the treadmill in my basement.  I know I mentioned that I usually do not particularly enjoy runs on my treadmill…but today, it was exactly where I wanted to be.  It felt AWESOME to run all alone & not have any distractions around me!  I jammed to my tunes as I pounded out 7 sweet miles ~ FELT SO GOOD! I honestly did not want to stop.

image_2 (7)

Me = A Sweaty-mess Post Run…LOVE IT!!


image_1 (7)

Purple Nails, Purple Sweat Towel, Purple Shirt ~ I was definitely on a PURPLE-Kick this morning!!

After my run…it was BREAKFAST TIME.  I had one thing on my mind ~

image_3 (7)

THRIVE SHAKE!! – Strawberries, Blueberries, Almond Milk

image_1 (6)

image_2 (6)

Lunch today ~

image_4 (5)

Fiesta Gluten-free Tortilla with small slice Grilled Chicken, Greens, Onion, Gouda Smoked Cheese Wedge, Pepper, and a bit-o-BBQ Ranch Sauce

image_5 (5)

I added a side of Carrots & Hummus for some crunch…and also ended the meal with an un-pictured Banana

By this afternoon around 3:30, my tummy was rumbling again.  I had packed all things needed to make a PB + Honey at work, so I whipped one up on a half of a whole grain sandwich thin.  Hit the spot!

image (9)

Earth Balance PB + Steckler Honey = AMAZING Combo!!

I ended up doing workout #2 after I finished up at work.  Since I normally do BodyPUMP on Wednesday mornings (but it was cancelled due to weather today), I opted to do a 30-40 minute Upper Body & Core workout in the gym.  I did not want to work my legs being that they had worked hard enough this morning.  During the workout, I noticed how much stronger my CORE felt ~ Must be the CX Worx & the Yoga.  I do believe I will keep those in my weekly workout regimen for now!!!

Post workout eats ~

think thin bar thursday

thinkThin bar ~ I was craving PROTEIN!!

Late Dinner ~

image_6 (4)

Romaine with Asian Slaw blend, Onion, Pepper, Craisens, 6 Pistachios

Not pictured…2 Homemade PB Powerballs for dessert.  My metabolism was revving today.  Shew.  And the PB cravings were in FULL swing.  I got my fix with the sandwich plus the powerballs.  I am beginning to think that my “Monitoring of PB Intake” will have to kick back in soon.  I have been eating it entirely too much lately.

I hope you all had an awesome HUMP DAY.  Thank goodness tomorrow is Thursday.  That puts us one day closer to the weekend. 

Until next time ~

just do it.