Tuesday…it has been an ‘off’ day from the beginning.

I have spent the last 15 minutes looking at Pinterest on my computer, trying to motivate myself to blog.  I just cannot find it tonight.  The whole day has been like that.  I thought it was going to be a good Tuesday this morning when I woke up, but something threw it off.  There are two causes for my unusual mood (I’ll keep those to myself), but I hope my mind-set is different when I wake up tomorrow morning.

My breakfast today ~

image_3 (6)

THRIVE Shake for Breakfast before taking Power Vinyasa Yoga (this was the highlight of my Tuesday – my mood seemed to improve during this hour long workout).

Lunch ~

image_4 (4)

image_5 (4)

Sweet Tater + Pistachios (about 1 serving)

Afternoon snack ~

think thin

thinkThin bar (I needed some protein!)

As the weather worsened, I had to decide if I was going to head on home or stay at the Y for a workout after finishing up with work.  Classes and my New Year, New You program were cancelled due to the weather.  But, I still wanted to get a workout in since I was already at the Y.  I thought perhaps it would help my mood.  I closed up shop at my desk around 5 and decided to do some CX. 

cx worx pic for blog

A friend who normally attends my CX classes in the evening arrived at the Y just in time to join me.  We did CX 13 together.  Since running was out for me today (my ankle needed a rest), I opted for 20 minutes on the Lateral Elliptical after the CX workout.  The workout improved my mood a bit, but once I left the Y & began my time-consuming trek home, the sadness (?) returned. 

I am NOT telling you about my crappy day in order to earn a pity party.  Heck no! ~ I am only writing about it to show you that everyone has BAD days… myself included.  Anyone who visits the Y sees me as the energetic, high-spirited, positive Y gal ~ most days I am exactly that.  Today, I would say I wore the ‘mask’ of that gal.  On the inside, it was a horrible day.  Praying tomorrow I will be back to myself – I like the positive KT better.


Evening eats ~

Started with a Banana

image_5 (3)

Chicken Noodle Soup

image (8)

Salad (packed for Y, but got to eat it at home)

image (9)

1/2 PB + Honey on Whole Grain Sandwich Thin

powerball saturday

Powerballs (too many!! — This would be an instance where I took my mood out on food. ugh)

Well, I am off to do some thinking about how I would like to renovate the living space if I end up taking it over.  It needs some major improvements.  Paint…it does a room wonders.  And new flooring.  That would be the starting point.

Tomorrow morning = TREADMILL TIME.  I cannot WAIT for it to get here.  I will likely be running in my basement, since I am pretty certain I will be snowed in.  My ankle better be well rested and ready for some pounding, because I am ready for a sweaty, long run.


Until next time ~

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