My alarm sounded at 6:15 this morning. Too EARLY.  I did not WANT to get up…I laid there for a bit and thought about how GREAT I feel after I finish a sweaty treadmill run & how much better my day would be if I got up and started it with a run.  It took me a total of 2 minutes to play this scenario out in my head….then, I was UP! 

Got dressed, packed my lunch, packed my gym bag, made my THRIVE Shake, and took off.

thursday shake

Best way to start a day ~ THRIVE Shake

I got to the Y at 7 and hit the treadmill…wearing my ankle brace.  It was rather tender and sore for the first few miles, but I kept on trucking.  I ended up getting in a good SWEATY SIX miles on treadmill #2 to start my day. 

oh yeah!

After the run, I finished off my Thrive Shake & made my way to the gym to teach Morning Energizes.  When class ended an hour later (at about 9:45), I felt weak and in need of fuel.  I concluded by how I felt that the bit of remaining Thrive Shake I sipped on post-run was not enough to replenish my energy.  I reached in my gym bag for fuel…a NEW bar!  A fellow runner & friend from the Y suggested I try ‘good Greens,’ which are stacked right beside the thinkThin bars at Grounded.

image (6)

good Greens bar:  Chocolate Peanut Butter

It had an AWESOME nutrition facts label and tasted VERY YUMMY!  I was impressed by how long it kept my hunger at bay today.

At around 2:30 this afternoon, I finally got around to eating my salad I had packed for lunch.  I was so hungry & ready to munch on it – I forgot to snap a pic!!  It was baby kale, Asian slaw mix, green onions, pepper, Craisens, and Asiago Cheese blend.  Mmmm mmmm good!

I kept trucking away on work TO DOs until it was time for BodyPUMP.  Before I went to change into my workout gear, I decided I better eat a little snack.  I felt like I burned right through that salad.  I WANTED a PB + Honey sandwich, but did not have time to whip that up.  So, it was into the gym bag…for a thinkThin bar.  I ate half of it & put the rest back in my bag.  

image (4) - Copy

1/2 thinkThin Brownie Crunch for pre-workout

Man, BodyPUMP was GREAT tonight!  What an AWESOME strength workout.  I could definitely tell my legs were tired from the morning run, and my biceps were sore from Sunday’s strength workout! Shew!

love the burn

Dinner tonight was made by my mom.  She had it made and ready when I got home from the Y ~

image_1 (5)

Pork Tenderloin (?), Wild Rice, Carrots + Zucchini + Onions Sautéed in Olive Oil & flavored with Pepper & Italian Seasoning. YUM!!

You will rarely see me eating anything ‘pork’ – however, this was a very lean piece of meat & had a good flavor to it.  So, I ended up eating the whole slice.  The veggies…they were DELICIOUS & the wild rice hit. the. spot. 

After dinner, I sliced up a sweet tater to take for my lunch tomorrow.  So quick and easy to make.  I LOVE Sweet Taters! 

image_2 (5)

Sweet Tater (make ahead lunch!)

I did not get to enjoy any Peanut Butter today.  And, that posed a problem.  I knew I did not have enough calories left to spare to be able to eat the real stuff tonight, so I broke out…the PB2 Powder!!


PB + Chocolate = Aaaaa!!

I love this stuff because it TASTES like PB (+ chocolate) but has 1 gram of FAT and 45 calories per serving.  How in the world do you beat that?…you DON’T!  It was a great way to end my Monday.

How were your eating habits today?  Did you stick to the goals you made yesterday?  How about a sweat session?!  Did you get one in today?  If not, you better plan one in your schedule for tomorrow.  Make it happen, people!

Until next time ~

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