Today started out with a THRIVE SHAKE!  Yes, I am slightly addicted.  I crave it every morning.

thrive thursday morning

My morning at the Y consisted of teaching two exercise classes.  My first one:  Morning Energizers ~ the senior citizen class that meets three times a week.  I always look forward to my time with them.  They make my day, always.  After Morning Energizers, it was time to step up the pace a bit with a TRX Session.  It was an hour long session for 5 ladies who were interested in seeing what TRX was all about.  They all did an AWESOME job for their first TRX experience.

I needed a snack by the time our session ended at around 11 o’clock.  I opted for ~

zone A Zone Perfect Bar: Mint Chocolate

I worked at the Y from the time classes ended until I had to leave for a hair appointment at around 3.  A bit before leaving, I munched on lunch…it was the Salad I had made last night but ended up putting in a Tupperware container due to the lack of my Hendrickson’s Oil & Vinegar salad dressing at home.

After my hair appointment, I made my way back to the Y for a sweat session.  On the way from Jasper back to Ferdinand, I snacked on ~

image (3)

A Banana (I ate half of it, saved other half for post-workout)

My workout session this evening was a date with Treadmill #2.  A nice, sweaty 5 mile RUN.  I had been waiting ALL DAY LONG for my gym-time!! I was so anxious to get moving & start listening to my tunes that I changed into my workout clothes, but forgot to put on my Forerunner Garmin watch & HRM.  I have been wearing it during my runs to track my calories burned and my heart rate when I do intervals.  I was running for a good 5 or 10 minutes before I realized it.  I was BUMMED…but did not want to hop off the treadmill to get the watch or take the time to attach the HRM to my chest, so I just ran without it. 

never regret

After the treadmill time, it was home-ward bound.  I was ready to make a legit dinner.  I had no plans to do anything this evening, so I took my time deciding on what sounded good to eat.

Dinner ~

image_6 (2)

Gluten-Free Wheat-Free Shells with Tomato Sauce, Pepper, Italian Seasoning & Asiago Cheese

image_4 (2)

image_5 (2)

I used about 3 servings (75 calories worth) of this Organic Tomato Sauce in my dinner

image_2 (3)

image_3 (3)

I used 1 serving of the Gluten-Free Shells in my dinner


And I topped the pasta with this delicious ASIAGO Cheese!!

The second part of my dinner…I mean, I had to have some greens with my pasta dish!! ~


Oven Roasted Fresh Green Beans 

The pasta dish tasted delicious for a change-up!  But, the FRESH Green Beans I whipped up tasted phenomenal!!  I coated them in Extra Virgin Olive Oil (see below…I just picked up a fresh bottle at Mor-For-Less), then seasoned them with Cracked Pepper + Garlic Pepper Seasoning.  I popped them in the over at 400 degrees for about 25 minutes.  Mmmm mmm good.  There are more fresh beans where those came from & I will be making them soon!

image (14)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil that I used to make my beans.

As I was writing this blog, I ended up snacking on TWO Home-made Powerballs for my evening snack.  They tasted AWESOME!!

Today was a GREAT FRIDAY on my end.  How was yours?!  I hope you got your sweat on & chose healthy options to put in your mouth!

image (4)

It is the weekend, people…so let us enjoy it!  And remember, all things in MODERATION and you will be A-OK.  I likely will not blog tomorrow evening, as I will be at the Y running FUN NIGHT for the kiddos until 10PM. 

So, until next time ~

keep the smiles