Today started off…early!!!  I could not sleep.  I was awake at about 5:45 and out of bed at 6:30.  I was on the treadmill at the Y by around 7:30.  I pounded out FIVE AWESOME MILES this morning in great time!! It was a SWEATY treadmill session…one I had been craving ALL WEEK LONG.  The best part:  since I started earlier than I anticipated this morning, I was able to take YOGA after my run before having to hammer down on work ~ Cha-ching!

its fine, i ran today

Another thing that made the morning pretty great ~

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I had to whip open my second huge bag of Strawberries.  I have already plowed through my first.

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Lunch today was a SWEET TATER I sliced and baked this morning since I had time to kill.  I also munched on an Organic Pink Lady Apple ~ I picked up several of them at Mor-For-Less (a local grocery store that I count on for fresh produce and my hummus!) the other day.

Late afternoon, I munched on Carrots and Red Pepper Hummus for a snack on my way to a Community Connect event.  I was going to provide exercise to the kiddos there.  I was bummed considering I had to give up my CX Worx class & my New Year, New You program to go represent the Y at the event.  So, I went with a bit of a sour attitude (since I am partial to both of those classes & love spending time with all the individuals who attend them!).  However, it ended up being a well-spent couple of hours.  The kids enjoyed all the fun exercises we did together.  They especially liked the Yoga sequences I led them through!  I did all the exercises with them, so at least I got to move & be active!! ~ Kids, they crack me up sometimes with how they act & what they say!

After the health fair, I headed home.  I have been wanting to whip up some fresh Powerballs ALL week, yet have had ZERO time to do so.  Tonight, I was finally able to get in the kitchen to make them…and snack on them (I had to get my PB fix for the day…duh!)

image_3 (4)

Powerballs (main ingredient: Natural Peanut Butter!) ~ YUM!

Dinner this evening was on the light side.  I did not need much since I had eaten a few Powerballs in the making.  I actually whipped up a tasty-looking salad, then opened the fridge to find that my salad dressing…was not there.  I assume I left it at the Y.  Result — No salad for me.  I packed it up for my lunch tomorrow and went an alternate route.

image (15)

A little Spinach Wrap with Grilled Chicken, Kale mix, smeared Smoke Gouda Light Cheese Wedge & just a bit of BBQ Ranch sauce. Plus fresh KIWI

I am glad I went with option number two.  It was mighty tasty.

Tomorrow is Friday.  The weekend is around the corner, people!  Keep the eating habits healthy tomorrow and get your WILL-POWER ready for the weekend.  You may need it if you are a football fan, being that this weekend brings with it Superbowl Sunday.  Friday is a great day to get in a sweaty workout…be it cardio or strength (or both!), I will let you decide.  Just go get your sweat on, kk?!  My tentative exercise game plan for tomorrow…a Friday evening treadmill session & perhaps a bit-o-strength training in the gym.  I am already looking forward to it.  You better get your game plan. Now.

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Until next time ~

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