It started by waking up in my own bed with little Sophie right beside me.  It was a nice feeling.  I definitely sleep best when I am in my own bed.

I started out my Tuesday with…yes, you guessed it. THRIVE.  I drank half of it on my way to the store/work.  I stopped by the IGA on my way to the Y this morning to pick up more Asian Slaw.  A salad just is not the same without it.

image_1 (2)  Unsweetened Almond Milk, Strawberries, Blueberries, & THRIVE mix

I took Power Vinyasa Yoga class at the Y before showering and starting work.  Monday night I had decided I wanted to run this morning, but when this morning got here I concluded that I better do yoga since my ankle was still a bit tender from my last running session this past Saturday.  I need it to heal, not get worse! ~ so, I decided to give it a bit of extra rest the treadmill pounding.  I finished my Thrive shake after yoga ended.

Around noon, I snacked on an Apple.  I love apples because they are easy to munch on while working at my desk.  And, they keep me full and satisfied for a good couple hours.

cut up apple monday

Around 2 o’clock, I needed some greens.  I had packed a salad plus picked up the Asian blend slaw to add to it.  The finished (and delicious) product that was somewhat similar to yesterday’s lunch:

image_2 (2)

Greens, Asian Slaw, Craisens, Pepper, Asiago Cheese, Grilled Chicken

This salad tasted AMAZING.  Hit.The.Spot!  It allowed me to keep powering through more work tasks for the entire afternoon. When 5:30 rolled around, it was time for a little CX Worx!  I had an AWESOME class tonight ~ my guess is roughly 18 people.  We were crammed in our tiny room, but it did not keep us from getting in a great core workout!

tuesday march 13

After CX, it was time for my New Year, New You program.  I needed something quick to munch on in between these two classes (since lunch had been nearly 4 hours past).  I located my gym bag and grabbed a thinkThin bar. YUM.

think thin

thinkThin bar

When I got home from the Y at 8:30 this evening, I whipped up a little bit more eats to curb my appetite until morning.

image_3 (2)

Fresh Kiwi & Strawberries plus a Whole-grain Sandwich Thin with Earth Balance PB + Honey

Have you noticed that I have been more lax with my PB intake lately?  I am telling you…once I put in back on my menu, I cannot get it off.  I have to have it daily.  I get the worst cravings for it because it is SO STINKING DELICIOUS!! ~ This has been my current game-plan:  If I plan on eating PB at some point in the day (I try to plan out all my eats in the morning…so I will know if it is in my daily eating plan or not), I try not to eat any other nuts throughout my day…I nix the Pistachios for snacking and usually the Walnuts or Almonds on my salad.

grounded pb 

Fun Fact about PB:  Did you know that PB has enough awesome nutrients in it (30, actually) that you would be able to eat only PB and still survive.  I do believe it is the most nutritious & delicious food ever created. Agree?!

Tomorrow is HUMP DAY…whoop whoop.  Keep your eating habits healthy as we head into Wednesday.  Take some time to evaluate your current food selections and decide where improvements are needed.  Remember:  FRESH is BEST, people!!

Wake up with this thought tomorrow:

image (2)

Until next time ~

eye on the prize