Monday FUNday (?!)  — it was not bad, but not sure it could be classified as FUN.

My day started out at about 6:45am.  It was the last morning of playing ‘mom’ to the teens.  I dropped them off to school, went back to load up my things, make a THRIVE Shake, and clean house (I love cleaning, when it isn’t my house to clean…can you relate?!)


Around 11 o’clock I was in need of a mini-meal.  I opted for a Zone Bar: Mint Chocolate – eaten in the car, on my way to work.

Work flew by since I had so much work to be done.  I always have so much work to do…and these days, it just keeps piling up and up and up.  I make progress, then something else comes up and adds to the list.  I am looking forward to the day when I catch back up!! Does anyone else have this feeling?

Around 2:30 it was time for more eats.  I made my way to my Lulu lunch bag, and then went back to my desk to eat and work.


Greens! with Green Onion, Craisens, Slivered Almonds, Pepper, Reserve Blend Cheese, and Grilled Chicken (bought at Grounded. See below)



Lean & packed full of PROTEIN!

I also snacked on an Apple shortly after my salad.  I always need to have my eats finished up by around 4 on Mondays, because I teach BodyPUMP at 5:30 and need plenty of time for my food to digest. 

BodyPUMP was great.  It has been a whole week since I last taught it.  Due to that…it was TOUGH!

working out makes me feel

After the BodyPUMP workout session, I had to stick around the Y to do weigh-ins for the Y Winter Weight-Loss/BodyFAT Challenge.  In between weighing people, I ate 1/2 of a PB + Honey Sandwich made on a whole grain sandwich thin. 

When I arrived home at shortly after 8, I made up the rest of my dinner ~


Ami’s Organic Veggie Soup with Asiago Cheese Blend

veggie soup


I munched on a couple Bagel Chips (brand was New York, maybe?) with my soup.  Then hit the fridge for some yummy fruit!


Fresh Kiwi + Strawberries = DELICIOUS!!

The way I feel tonight, I need a big dose of Monday Motivation to stay strong through this week.  I need to get the pep back in my step.  Starting tomorrow.  Normally Tuesday mornings are Yoga.  Right now, I am thinking I may opt to RUN instead.  Just spend some time with the good old treadmill #2 and my music.  That has made me feel better lately.i dont have to

Do you have your game-plan for exercise tomorrow?  What about your meals?  Have you at least semi-planned them out?  If not, you need to.  You will stay more on track if you have a meal-plan in mind when you start your day.

Until next time ~

great day workout

Wake up tomorrow with this thought:

i shape me