To recap my Saturday quckly:

The morning sweat session ~

  • 5 miles on the Treadmill
  • CX Worx 13
  • TRX Strength Class

Then came the afternoon sweet treat with my girls:

image_4 (2)

Orange Leaf:  Peanut Butter Yogurt + a bit of Chocolate & Salted Caramel to try – topped with crumbles of Butterfinger. YUM.

Saturday was NOT a great eating day.  One of the worst I have had in a while. I snacked a lot…and ate too much sweet stuff.  Not only did I have a little Orange Leaf, but I also snacked on Caramel Corn (<—I never eat this!!) and a few Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzel Thins (<—Delish!)

pretzel thins choc

A decently healthy (+ crunchy) snack…in moderation!

After eating a lot of unnecessary calories yesterday, I was ready to get back to HEALTHY & FRESH today.

My Sunday started at 5:15am.  Church was at 6:30 this morning.  After that, I enjoyed my THRIVE Shake!!! The perfect way to start a day. 

image_2 (3)

I have had several people approach me about more information on my Thrive Shakes over the weekend!  If you are interested in more information or want to know how you can order it, please let me know.  Send me an email at  I would LOVE for others to try this product.  Not only does it taste great, but it makes you FEEL great, too!  I am addicted (obviously…I will NOT go without my shake for even one day).

I made my Thrive Shake with Strawberries, Blueberries & Unsweetened Almond Milk today.  The addition of Blueberries made it so yummy!

Around 11, I snacked on half of a thinkThin bar before my workout, which was 40 great minutes on the Lateral Elliptical followed by a much needed Yoga session.  I finished off the thinkThin bar post-workout.  And also munched on a Banana. 

inhale exhale

It has been two weeks since the Y Weight-Loss & BodyFAT Challenge got underway.  The second weigh-in session started today.  I checked the weights and bodyfat % of about 15 individuals.  ALL had either maintained or LOST.  I am super excited at the results I saw & cannot wait to see all the others who are participating (they will be in tomorrow and Tuesday for weigh-ins).

Around 2:30, I needed more fuel.  The afternoon game-plan was to take the ‘teens’ and a friend of ours to get ice-cream.  I DID NOT want to get any ice-cream today.  Orange Leaf did me in yesterday…so, I needed to make sure I had a full tummy before we went. I wanted something fresh ~

image_1 (3)

image (8)The GREENS – topped with Green Onions, Dried Diced Plums, Walnuts, & Reserve Blend Cheese 

My plan was a success — I was full after my salad, which made me content to get a water when the kiddos placed their ice-cream (and yogurt parfait) order.

Late Afternoon snack ~

image (9)

1/2  Earth Balance PB + Honey on Whole Grain Sandwich Thin

I also munched on some baby Carrots & 1/2 a Fuji Apple.

Dinner was on the late side tonight, but tasted AWESOME! ~

image (10)

Spinach Wrap with Grilled Chicken, Gouda Cheese Wedge, Green Mix, & Chipotle BBQ Sauce

image_1 (2)

image_1 (4)

I also baked a Sweet Tater to go with my wrap.  Mmmm mmm Good!

Tomorrow is Monday already.  I cannot believe it.  Goodness.  And tonight is my last evening ‘teen-supervising.’  I am bummed ~ It has been so fun staying with them the last few days!!

You better get your goals set (and better yet, written out!) before you hit the sack tonight.  Think about all aspects:  eating habits, daily exercise,  sleep hours each night, maybe what you need to do to reduce stress levels, etc.  All of these things play a part in your overall health.  So, get busy:  Make a few GOALS, get your game-plan on how to achieve them this week, and get to work, people!!

goal wish

Until next time ~

the body achieves