Friday ~ flew by.

I started out fairly early this morning with a 6:30am wake-up call.  I made a THRIVE Shake to get my day started off on the right foot.  I pulled out 1 of 3 Thrive packets that I have left. Ahhhh!! ~ New shipment better get here soon!

shake saturday

Friday Morning THRIVE SHAKE

I drove a mini-van this morning to drop off a car full of kiddos at school…that was a first.  After changing out the mini-van for my little Jetta, I made my way to the Y to teach my senior citizen class we call Morning Energizers.  They always help brighten my day. 

Once I finished up Morning Energizers, I ventured into the gym to get in my own workout.  Since I did not teach BodyPUMP on Wednesday, I was in NEED of a strength workout; however, I did not exactly feel much like doing one.  It took some major convincing on my part; but, I finally managed to talk myself into at least starting a workout.  I told myself that if I was not feeling it after 15 minutes, I could quit.  I ended up doing an hour long full-body workout…Upper, Lower, and Abdominals ~ Circuit style.  banana friday

Banana = Post Workout Fuel

I ran home quickly after my workout to see Sophie-pup since I was not at my house last night.  She was so excited to see me when I walked in the door!! I love my Soph, even if she is CRAZY! 

I was SUPER PUMPED when I arrived home to this:

thrive friday

Restock on THRIVE ~ Yes!!!

While I was home, I made another snack to re-fuel on, since the banana did not cut it.

snack friday

1/2  PB + Agave Nectar on Sandwich Thin

P.S. ~ for all ya’all who do not yet know it:  January 24th (TODAY!!) is National Peanut Butter Day! Whoop Whoop! — My good friend & fellow PB lover told me today in a text.  I enjoyed my PB before I knew of this.  So in lieu of National PB Day, I believe I will enjoy some extra PB2 Powder tonight!!

While I was home, I packed a salad to take with me to the Y so I could munch on it when the PB snack wore off.  That was around 2 o’clock this afternoon.

salad for lunch friday

Romaine, Pepper, Craisens, Asian Slaw, Reserve Blend Cheese, Walnuts

I also snacked on some Parmesan Pretzel Thins & an Apple at different points between my salad at work and my dinner tonight.

The girls and I opted to make it a RELAXING Friday night this evening & that includes…NO COOKING.  We opted for my favorite meal (and it happens to be a kitchen-free, mess-free one too!)

subway footlong friday


I was convinced I should get a footlong.  I mean, it was $5.  I could not pass it up.  I ate one-half of it and saved the other half for tomorrow.  To go with my sub, I snacked on Carrots & Roasted Red Pepper Hummus.

My goal is to get to the Y early in the morning before group exercise class to start my day off right…with a RUN.  It will be the only opportunity I have to get any cardio in tomorrow, so I better get my butt out of bed and go. 

facebook pic


Try to keep the eating habits in check this weekend.  I know it is hard, but MODERATION is key.  And, make sure you get in a SWEATY workout at some point this weekend.  I mean, you have the entire weekend — You can fit in an hour workout, people!

Until next time ~

sweat is fat crying