Thursday ~ long day.

I started my Thursday with a THRIVE SHAKE.  It seriously tastes SO yummy.  I crave it every morning until I get it made.

sunday thrive

I arrived at the Y around 8 this morning — my game-plan was to spend some quality time with the treadmill before starting work.  I did not have a mileage goal.  I just wanted to run – spend time with me and my music in order to clear my head.

something to run for

I ran 3 miles on an old treadmill (one of the only ones open in the gym when I got there) before moving to treadmill #2 (where I love to be) and pounding out another 4.5 miles.  A total of 7.5 miles to start my Thursday.  I wanted to run more, but the clock was staring me down & work was waiting for me right outside the gym door.  Bummer.

After my run, I showered and got straight to work.  I needed some FUEL after my run.  I opted for my favorite…PB + Honey! for my post-workout eats.

image (2)

Earth Balance PB + Honey on Whole Grain Sandwich Thin (Nature’s Own)

Sometime in the afternoon, around 2:30 or 3 I think, my tummy started growling again. 

Lunch ~

image (2)

Romaine, Asian Slaw, Italian cheese blend, Green Onion, Craisen, Walnuts

Around 4:30 I munched on an apple to hold me over until I would get to eat dinner, which I knew would not be until at least 8 o’clock.

cut up apple monday


This evening went quick.  CX class was GREAT, followed by my New Year, New You program.

I finally made it home around 8 and wanted something quick and easy for dinner because I was HUNGRY.

Dinner ~

image_2 (2)

Spinach Wrap with 1 Grilled Chicken Tenderloin + Gouda Cheese, Chipotle BBQ, and Romaine Lettuce.  Also ate Carrots + Red Pepper Hummus

red pepper

image_1 (2)

spinach wraps

I am house sitting & teen-supervising over the next several days.  We were all eating our dinners (all four of us made something different, hah!) and then they bring out…dessert! Ahhh!  Most desserts I can pass if I want to, but this one looked VERY good.  And, they kept saying how yummy it was.  So, I decided since I put in extra miles this morning, I would go ahead and enjoy a small piece.

image_3 (2)

My little piece of indulgence ~ ‘Ding-Dong’ Cake

The name does not do it justice.  I would never TOUCH a ding-dong.  Yuck.  But this cake, W-O-W.  Honestly, it was worth the calories.  Tasted so yummy!! Not something you could eat every day if you are wanting to keep you eats clean, that is for sure!

Tomorrow is Friday.  Thank goodness.

I hope you all have had an AWESOME week.  Mine is not on the top of my ‘favorite week’ list, but I survived.  Gear up for the weekend and get your game face on.  You need to decide now what you want your eating habits to be like.  Weekends can destroy us, but we will not let them!

Until next time ~

wow goal