My Wednesday was not exactly an enjoyable one.  I set my alarm for 7 o’clock.  I was planning to either practice yoga or get a treadmill run in before having to get ready for the funeral service which began at 10.  I got up, got out of bed…and crawled right back in.  In the last few days, I had used running as my out.  A way of dealing with my emotions.  Today, I woke up with a totally different attitude.  All I wanted was to crawl up into a tiny little ball and pray that everything would reverse itself.  I laid in bed just thinking for a while, then decided I better get up and start the day that was waiting for me…even though I did not want to.

Breakfast ~



The funeral made for one tough day.  The more everyone spoke about Nick’s awesome personality and countless great qualities he possessed, the more vivid the “WHY” question continued burning in my mind.  I think it will be stuck there for some time.

image (4) - Copy

Nick & I at a Red’s Game ~ God gained one AWESOME Angel

I went to work at the Y after leaving CCJ.  It was so much harder to go in to the Y today, as all the memories of meeting Nick there came flooding back.   Man, sometimes life just SUCKS.  But day by day, you pick up the pieces and continue on.

Lunch ~


A Zone Bar: Mint Chocolate + an Apple

At 3 o’clock I left for gymnastics.  It was hard to put on a smile for the little girls tonight, but I managed to do it.  I could tell I was not myself though, and I am sure they could tell also.

I was so hungry after instructing the first gymnastics session that I ended up eating a thinkThin bar around 5 o’clock to hold me over until supper (since I would not head home for dinner until around 6:30). 

This evening’s dinner was something warm, mainly because I have been cold ALL day (I think that is the reason for my increased appetite).  I snacked on some carrots & roasted red pepper hummus while preparing a can of vegetable soup.



Ami’s Organic Veggie Soup with a little added Reserve Blend Cheese

While I was at the store stocking up on this veggie soup (I bought 4 cans to have on hand since it is so delicious) I began checking out the entire selection of organic foods (I was at Mor-For-Less, where they have one isle dedicated to organic products).  This caught my eye:


PB2 Powered Peanut Butter with Premium Chocolate

I had a friend of mine tell me about this peanut butter powder before, but I had never given it a try.  I could not imagine it tasting very good.  Tonight, I broke down and bought some to sample.  It does not get much better than PB + Chocolate combined.


The N-Facts for the PB2 with Premium Chocolate

This peanut butter has 45 calories per serving and 1 gram of Fat.  Yes, 1 gram.  Can you believe that?  I was like “holy cow WOW.”  The best part is that it is made using natural ingredients…not a ton of artificial crap.

I could not wait to try it.  Right after I finished my soup, I whipped up a serving…which is 2 tablespoons powder + add 1 tablespoon water.


The PB Powder (before pic)


The PB Powder turned into PB w/ Chocolate! (a single serving…45 cals)

It may not look the greatest, but O.M.G.  I was super impressed.  It was DELICIOUS.  The PB + Chocolate was a great choice on my part.  The chocolate sure added to its yumminess.  I cannot get over how much it tasted like REAL Peanut Butter/Chocolate mix.  I believe I have found a new favorite snacking option.  Mmmm mmm.  I may not have to monitor my PB intake quite so much with this PB2 Powder.  Yes!

I hope you all had a better Wednesday than myself.  I took a break from exercise today & I am okay with that.  Not even the best motivation could have made me want to workout today, and I know everyone will have days like that – days when you just feel like doing NOTHING.  The main thing is that I tell myself (you tell yourself) that tomorrow is a new day & a with it comes a new attitude.  I am ready to hit the treadmill in the morning for a nice, long run to clear my head of thoughts before starting my Thursday.

i like this courage one better

Until next time ~

positive thinking