Sunday ~

This morning started out with a workout (since I attended church yesterday evening).  I decided to sleep in just a bit…until about 7:45.  I made a THRIVE Shake and drank about half of it on my way to the Y.  Saved the other half for post-workout.

jan 13 thrive

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The morning gym session was much needed.  I could have stayed longer to keep my mind off of other things happening in life right now, but decided I better move on with the day.  The gym reminded of me of a friend who had gained his wings just the other evening ~ he always enjoyed the gym as much as I do.  At times in my workout I just wanted to break down & cry.  At other points, I would feel like working extra hard (as I was trying to relieve some emotions, I believe).  But oddly, the gym is exactly where I wanted to be to deal with all my emotions this morning.  Gave me some quality time to think.  Overall, it was definitely a ‘different’ type of day at the gym for sure.

one life

After the gym, I pit-stopped at the store to grab some apples, romaine lettuce, onions, and bananas (for the week ahead) before heading home.  I also made a trip to the car wash in the hopes that a clean car would brighten my mood…it did not.

Lunch today ~


Home-made Chicken Noodle Soup (YUM!)


1/2 of a Sandwich Thin (wheat) with PB & Honey

Made my sandwich using my favorite PB and honey I had received from a co-worker for Christmas.  She has her own honey-bees.


I hate to say it, but I have not accomplished much all day…no motivation.  I am already dreading Monday and I still have half the day left today.  It is so weird how sometimes life is SO GOOD & everything goes just the way you want (be ever so thankful during these times!!)…and then: BAM! Everything bad hits at once.  Rough patches come in spurts.  I suppose this past week as been ‘a spurt’ in my life.  And I think to myself “Everything happens for a reason…just remember that.”


This afternoon, I snacked on a Banana (one of perfect ripeness, so it tasted AWESOME) while looking up some various things online.  My next task (if I can get motivated to accomplish it) is to create a flyer to send via email to all of the participants of the Y Weight Loss Challenge that got underway last week.  I took it upon myself to design and run the 10-week challenge at the Y in order to keep people motivated (being it is a New Year) & hold them accountable for their exercise + eating habits.  I want to see people succeed at their weight-loss & health goals in 2014!! My game-plan is to send out a flyer each week to the 65 individuals participating in the challenge.  It will contain nutrition/fitness tips plus motivation to keep them going strong for the entire 10-week period. Today,  I just need to find my own motivation in order to get this task accomplished. 


I hope you all have a wonderful end to the weekend & nice start to the week tomorrow.  Now is the time to be thinking of your goals for next week.  What is it that you want to accomplish this week?  Decide on at least one nutrition-based goal and one exercise-related goal.  Got them?  Good, now get to work!

Until next time ~

a reason for people