Is it the weekend? … Finally.

My day started at about 7 this morning.  Got up, packed my gym bag, made my THRIVE SHAKE & hit the road for the Y.  I drank about 1/2 of my shake on the way to the Y & left the other half in my car (since it was like an ice box) to grab after I finished my gym-time.


THRIVE Shake with Strawberries & Unsweetened Almond Milk

I left for the Y just early enough to get in a nice RUN before teaching my first session of TRX.  I pounded out an AWESOME, SWEATY 4 miles in under 40 minutes.  It was most definitely a “STRESS-RELIEVING” type of run this morning ~ there was no ‘leisure’ about it.  I put all my thoughts aside (since I woke up with about 100 of them running through my head) and just ran…focused on the music and my stride.

run run run

After the run was my first TRX training session.  I had four AMAZING individuals in my class and they all ROCKED it for being their first time on the TRX trainers.  I CANNOT WAIT until next weekend, when we can spend the full hour becoming a sweaty-mess since they now know all the basics about using the TRX equipment.

After TRX, it was time to get down to business for a while and do some work at the Y before officially calling it ‘the weekend.’  It was noon when I got around to eating the snack I had packed to munch on.  By that time, my belly was growling & I was HUNGRY!

image (3)

Packed my PB, Honey, and Sandy Thin in this little bag I received with my yoga mat from Lulu. So fun!!


PB + Honey (just a bit) on a Whole Grain Nature’s Own Sandwich Thin

The PB + bit-o-Honey sandwich tasted INCREDIBLE.  I had not enjoyed a “PB Sandy Thin” in a LONG time.  Mainly because I try to avoid bread as much as possible these days, and lately I am still trying to monitor my PB intake.  If I eat PB, it is almost always:  a plain-old spoonful, in a Powerball, or on an English Muffin with SF Jelly.  This change-up was PERFECT ~

 grounded pb


When I got home from the Y, I snacked on a Banana, showered (badly needed banana sunday

this!!) and then decided to whip up some Chicken-Noodle soup (since I have had zero time to do this throughout the week) before blogging.  I believe the soup will be my supper tonight…or, perhaps an afternoon snack?!  YUM!

Whatever your plans are tonight, I hope you all ENJOY the weekend.  Keep your eating habits HEALHTY (and remember moderation when it comes to sweets or alcohol) & you will have less damage control to do come Monday.  If you did not get a good sweat-session in today, plan one into your Sunday. Just do it. — Make it happen, people.

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Until next time ~

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