Thursday…already? Seriously?!

My day started out with…exercise! 

I hit the treadmill in my basement to get warm and wake-up.  My game plan was to only jog for 5-10 minutes to get my muscles warm (then I was going to move on to some yoga)….it changed into a 25 minute sweat-dripping RUN ~ that felt A-MAZING!  Sometimes, I love running in the comfort of my own basement.  Mainly because when I am on my treadmill with nobody else around, I tend to: go harder, get sweatier, and sing out loud (<—love it + it is extra cardio!)

make it count

I continued my sweat session after the run by doing about a half hour or so of yoga — mainly sun-salutations.  Post morning workout, I whipped up a THRIVE SHAKE!! The best tasting recovery shake, EVER.

thrive thursday morning Thursday Morning THRIVE ~ Puts the Pep in My Step!

Since I had worked so much already this entire week, I opted to go in later today since I knew I would be there until at least 8 o’clock tonight.  I got there about 10:30, and was ready to munch on something by 11:30 due to STRESS.  I have been more STRESSED out at work this week than I EVER have before.  Stress never does anything good to a body.  For me, it usually makes me want to eat.  I hate it.  I just try to keep my eats healthy if I must munch.  I munched on 15-20 Pistachios while working.

salt and pepper pistachios sunday

Lunch time hit around 1 o’clock today.  I brought my yummy salad to my desk and crunched while I worked (poor co-workers had to listen to me munch today):

lunch salad thursday

Romaine & Asian Slaw Blend + Cracked Pepper, Walnuts, Cheese (yum!), Green Onions

I called it quitting time at 5 sharp.  I was bound to hit the gym for a while before CX class.  I decided to:  R-U-N…again!

good for march 29

Oh man, the treadmill time felt AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME (and so did my ankle…it is finally getting better)!! ~ My FAVORITE runs are always those that occur when I have newly downloaded songs on my pod to listen to – and I had exactly that tonight.  I LOVE getting new tunes that PUMP ME UP!!!  I was ZONED into my music, for sure.  Had I been alone in the gym, I would have been singing out loud.  Without. A. Doubt!

Current NEW Favs on repeat during tonight’s treadmill time:

  • Timber ~ by Global Warming:  Meltdown
  • Burn ~ by Halcyon Days
  • Story of My Life ~ by Midnight Memories

My evening went: Run, CX Worx 13, New Year New You program (where we did more exercise and I taught the group about Carbohydrates!), then finally…home.  On my way home, I actually munched on some carrots & hummus I had in my lunch bag because I was that HUNGRY! 

Dinner tonight was late.  About 8:30pm – you can picture me with a pouty lip here. I hate having to eat that late.

wrap on thursday

Spinach Wrap for Dinner with: Light Cheese Wedge (below), bit-o-BBQ sauce, 1 Grilled Chicken Tender + romaine lettuce (not added yet!)

Below is the cheese I picked up on the quick store stop today. Imagine that.

gouda cheese light

Cheese Wedge: Smoked Gouda flavored (25 calories per wedge!!)

With my wrap, I also munched on:

thursday apple

An Apple ~ it tasted DELICIOUS! So crispy and sweet…just right.

My late dinner plate ~

wrap and apple for supper

I am still on “Cloud 9” about my treadmill session tonight.  It felt so great to get sweaty and pound out some miles without much pain in my ankle.  It was no easy jog tonight (or this morning)…it was finally a RUN again.  Whoop whoop!!

to run for

Tomorrow is Friday (thank.goodness).  I will be up at 3:30am to be at the Y in time to open the doors at 4:15am.  That means…I need to hit the sack.

Until next time ~

shine on crazy diamond