OMG ~ Is tomorrow seriously Monday already?  I do not feel as though I even had a weekend yet.  Bummer.

Since today was very long and tiring, I have decided I will blog about my Saturday instead of my Sunday.

I started out the morning (and part of the afternoon) at the Y on Saturday.  I made my THRIVE SHAKE and drank the majority of it on my drive to Ferdinand.  The rest I finished off after teaching a CX Worx Workshop.  I worked at the Y for a couple hours after the CX class, then decided to hit the gym for my own workout. 

shake saturday

I decided to RUNI could not take it any longer

born to run

I had talked to several people about running in the last week, and it got the best of me.  I needed to RUN.  I was just so ready to get sweaty!!  (Elliptical sweaty & running sweaty just does not compare.)  I honestly did not care how bad my ankle/foot hurt once I started.  I just kept going.  Logged a good 4 miles before the pain in my ankle got to the point where I decided to listen to my body & stop.  But OMG, those 4 miles felt AWE-SOME!  I did take some good-old ALEVE this morning upon getting out of bed for the soreness/stiffness in my ankle…but, it was so worth it.  The best part of the run yesterday (besides getting SWEATY!!)…I FINALLY got to try out my new Garmin Forerunner 110 watch & HRM.

watch saturday

Loved monitoring my Heart-rate during my RUN!! Cannot WAIT to use it when I start training for the Indy Mini.  Oooo, so excited!!

After leaving the Y around 1:30, I headed home to make some lunch.

Saturday Lunch ~

lunch saturday

Baked a Sweet Tater (a BIG one!) with cracked pepper and a bit-o-season salt

lunch saturday 2

Made a fresh little bowl of Chicken Noodle Soup to go with my Sweet Tater

brown rice noodles from grounded

Brown Rice Noodles bought at Grounded & used in my soup ~ they tasted very YUMMY! I was super impressed.

Lunch was delicious.  I was hungry.  So hungry that the above actually did not fill me up.  After eating the soup and the tater, I also munched on TWO small home-made Powerballs.  Then, I was satisfied.

A package had arrived at my door at some-point Saturday morning ~ I knew exactly what it was when I saw the bag…

lulu yoga bag

Package from Lululemon!

The package contained a new carrying case for my yoga mat that I received for Christmas.  Now, it will be easier to carry plus it will stay clean & in good condition for a whole lot longer!…and not stink up my car (because it smells like rubber). Yay!

Dinner on Saturday evening was the easy route:  SUBWAY! 

subway saturday with girls

KT’s Sub:  Turkey, Pepper Cheese, LOTS-O-VEGGIES + Honey Mustard

I enjoyed my subway in the company of a couple other gals (of whom both think my sub is ‘YUCK’…1. because I get Honey Wheat bread, and 2. because I get lots of Veggies on it ~ they don’t know what they are missing!).  I must have still been full from my big lunch, because I only managed to eat half of my sub before not being able to eat anymore due to a stuffed tummy.  I packed the other half to take home.

After Subway, it was movie time.  We went to see ‘Saving Mr. Banks.’  If you are a fan of Mary-Poppins, you will like this movie.  If you are not…I advise you not to go see it.  I really enjoyed it since I LOVED watching Mary-Poppins when I was younger – it was one of my favorite Disney movies to watch!

saving mr. banks

After the movie, it was home-ward bound for me.  I was hungry when I arrived home at 10:00PM since I had only eaten half my sub at dinner…so, I ate the other half!  Spent some time playing with Sophie, then it was off to bed. 

I still cannot believe tomorrow is Monday. 

Well, enjoy the rest of your Sunday evening & remember that tomorrow starts a fresh, new week.  A great opportunity to set goals & work to achieve them throughout the coming week.  Think about what little adjustments you could make in your daily eating habits – such as switching from white bread to whole wheat!  Main thing is:  KEEP IT HEALTHY, PEOPLE!! & get your SWEAT ON!

dont be upset


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