That was one long Tuesday.

My day started with cleaning out the pantry & a THRIVE Shake!!


I went in to work at 10 since I knew I would be there rather late…and, I was.

It was another crazy day for me at the Y. So much to do and so little time in a work day. I can tell I am stressed, as my mood the last couple days is a clear indicator.

I munched on a Zone Bar: Mint Chocolate for lunch at my desk and an Apple for a snack mid-afternoon.

I grabbed some Pretzel Thins: Parmesan flavor between my CX class and my New Year, New You program that began this evening. It is a Wellness program I am running at the Y for any beginners who want to create healthy eating & exercise habits for themselves in the new year. I have an AWESOME group of individuals and I am so excited to start working with them!!

Needless to say, dinner did not stand a chance until I arrived home. I just destroyed my salad I had made & taken with me to the Y. Not sure why I took it with me…I knew I wouldn’t have any time to eat it.

My dinner at 9:30 this evening (enter super sad face here) ~


Oh my, it tasted SO GOOD!!

Not pictured would also be two spoons full of PB. Now THAT really

I have been trying to monitor my PB intake, as I was consuming way too much of it a couple months ago. However, after a day like today…I felt I deserved TWO spoonfuls. Actually, I feel like I earned THREE after today’s work day, but thought better of it. PB is unfortunately NOT calorie or fat free. Bummer.


Well, I’m off to get ready for bed. Tomorrow is another day…and it will not be a short one.

I hope you all had a wonderful Tuesday & kicked some serious A@& on your food selections today!! Keep it fresh or full of protein and you cannot go wrong…usually.

Until next time ~