Monday.  Wow.  Glad that is over. 

The day started out great!! ~ Woke up at 7:15, practiced YOGA for an hour, then made a THRIVE SHAKE! However, I about ‘lost it’ when:

thrive last packet

OH SNAP!! Last THRIVE shake mix. What?!

However, I remembered my new shipment was due to arrive today.  And, it DID arrive today…just in time!

whole strawberries bag

Check out this BIG bag of Strawberries my mom picked up for me!  And,  I also got a HUGE bag from Costco this weekend while at Indy!!  I think I am set-to-go with my strawberries for a while!

My DELICIOUS morning THRIVE shake made with Strawberries & Blackberries, plus Almond Milk: thrive shake monday

Mmm Mmmm Good!!

My mood changed when I got to work.  It was the worst day of work I have had in a long time.  Normally I LOVE.MY.JOB.  Seriously, love it.  Today was just too stressful.  I have ‘too many irons in the fire’ as my mother would say.  So many things getting underway with the New Year in full swing + we are gearing up to implement a new computer software system (doesn’t sound bad…but throw in all the extra work you have to do to covert member information, configure the new system, train all the staff, and schedule weekly training sessions to learn how to use it all = LOTS of EXTRA TIME!! <—that I do not have!)  But, I suppose I would rather be too busy than not busy at all.

cut up apple monday

Apple for Snack today at Y while working (around 12:30)

By the time 3 o’clock rolled around, the apple was history.  Tummy was growling.  I had packed soup for lunch.  What was I thinking? No way I could eat soup at my desk.  I turned to my gym-bag where I always keep a stash of protein bars on hand.  I could not decide between thinkThin or a Mint Chocolate Zone Bar.  Both sounded AWESOME. 

The thinkThin won & so did some Pistachios!

I was so glad to see the clock hit 5.  I needed to keep working so I could keep crossing things off my TO DO, but I was so ready to call it a day & make my way back to the group exercise room to relieve my stress by instructing BodyPUMP.  We rocked the new release (88) tonight!  Challenging, but a GREAT workout.  I will likely be sore.

feeling alive

I had to tend to several things before I could walk out of the Y after class.  It was sometime after 8 when I walked in the door to my house ~ put my bags down, and headed for the kitchen!! I was HUNGRY.

Dinner ~

soup with cheese topping

Amy’s Light Minestrone ~ what had been the game-plan for lunch.

I added Reserve Blend Cheese & Cracked Pepper, of course.

amys organice minestrone soup

To go with my soup ~

english muf with PB

Thomas Light English Muffin with PB & Agave (the second half also had PB smeared on it…just did not get around to it before snapping the picture)

agave nector monday

I use just a bit of Agave Nectar (a natural sweetener) with my PB sometimes instead of SF Jelly!

Dinner hit the spot.  But still I was not quite satisfied.  BodyPUMP must have revved the metabolism since it was a whole new workout.

I reached for yet another food item ~

activia and banana saturday evening

Banana & Strawberry Activia Yogurt (just like Saturday night) 

A healthy & satisfying snack…that I ate DIRECTLY following dinner. Hah!  But, after eating it I was satisfied and will be content until morning.

How was your Monday?

Did you start the week off right with a KICK-A@# workout?  And did you keep the food you put into your mouth healthy choices (even though you may have craved other things)?!  I hope so. 

The time to make a change is NOW.  A New Year means a chance to change your life & start implementing the healthy habits you have been contemplating.  Changing your eating habits and incorporating daily exercise is NOT an easy task…but I promise you, it will be worth it!!  The first THREE weeks are the hardest to overcome.  If you can survive the changes you implement for three weeks, you are well on your way to success.  Just remember that.  Give it THREE WEEKS.

march 13 a good one

Until next time ~


i can do this