Still waiting on the snow to get here.  Goodness.  I would rather see white than rain.  Ugh.

Let me fill you in on my Saturday eats in this quick post (I ended my last post with my AWESOME Thrive Shake that I made to start my Saturday!!).

For Lunch:

saturday lunch salad at anns

Romaine Lettuce, Green Onions, Carrots, Pepper & Italian Cheese Blend

baked lays serving

baked lays saturday

Baked Lays Original (1 serving)

I wanted to stock up on a few things at Target, so after lunch Ann & I left baby Jacyn with her Dad while we made a quick trip to our favorite store.  Venturing to Target is pretty much always on the agenda when I visit Indy. 

target stock up

Some of my Target purchases:

  • thinkThin Brownie Crunch (x2 boxes – can find cheapest at Target)
  • Zone Bar Chocolate Mint (big box!)
  • Pistachios – Salt & Pepper (I can only find this flavor at Target)
  • Ami’s Organic Veggie & Minestrone Soups (for the cold days ahead)
  • NEW Insulated Water Bottle (no one can have enough H2O Bottles!!)

I hit the road home shortly after returning from Target.  My game plan was still to go directly to the Y, so I planned accordingly and had some items to munch on for supper while I made the drive back to Southern Indiana.  While driving, I ate a thinkThin bar & a handful of Pistachios, plus:

apple for trip home

An Apple (I cut before leaving Ann’s)

I was en route to the Y from Indy and arrived there shortly after 7:30.  It was quiet.  Gym lights were out.  Sometimes I like to have others in the gym while I am getting in my workout (nice to have company), but other times I prefer to have it all to myself.  I was happy to pull up to an empty gym last night!

I managed to try the Elliptical out…finally.  I did 30 minutes & overall, the ankle did OK.  It is sore and tender today, but it was worth it.  After that short lived cardio session, I spent an hour doing AB/LEG/GLUTE work on the machines.  My exercise session reminded me of my college days, when most every workout session was completed late at night & in little company.  Much later than last night’s 7:30pm…most days it was between the hours of 10pm – 1am.  I would take a study break to hit the treadmill or crank out a strength workout.  I loved working out late at night.  I also loved the AWESOME gym I used at my apartment complex.  I spent so much time in that place.  I still miss it….and probably always will.

Post workout snack:

activia and banana saturday evening

Activia Strawberry Yogurt + A Perfectly Ripe Banana

Overall, not bad for a Saturday.  Sometimes weekends can trip you up…and if they do, you just focus on getting right back-on-track come MONDAY! 

resolution keeper

Stay tuned for the Sunday eats!!