Good Morning!!

Hope your Saturday is off to a wonderful start.  Mine definitely has been great so far, since I am chilling with sweet Baby Jacyn today & her mother. Yay!  I am already dreading 5 o’clock, when I plan to hit the road in order to make it home before the snow storm gets underway.

Let me fill you in on my Friday:

It started about 5:45am so I could get in a workout before having to get started with Y work.  I was going to try out the elliptical yesterday morning, but opted to practice BodyPUMP 88 instead & give my ankle one more rest day. 

bodypump logo

I did all of 88 but the lunge track, because lunges still irritate my ankle.  After I finished BP, I did about 15 more minutes of strength machines in the gym before making a THRIVE SHAKE for breakfast.  I used Blackberries & Strawberries again in my shake ~ tasted AWESOME!!

I left work right at noon (on the dot) and made a quick pit stop at home to check on Sophie + pack a few things before hitting the road to Indy.  On my way home from the Y, I munched on:

friday pistachios snacking

Salt & Pepper Pistachios that I keep in my gym bag for when I need something to satisfy my growling belly.

Here is a quick insight into why I eat so frequently:  It is best never to go for extended periods without eating a snack or meal…3-4 hours should be the max between snacks/meals.  If you go longer, your blood sugar will drop to below normal levels & then, when you do finally get around to eating, it causes your blood sugar to spike.  All fine and good while you are eating, but after you end your meal/snack the blood sugar level has to get back to its normal set point; therefore, it begins to drop & that is when CRAVINGS usually set in.  Which is NOT an easy battle to win! So, if you want to avoid having cravings for something sweet, your best bet is to provide your body with healthy nutrients every 3-4 hours to keep your blood sugar from hitting extreme low & high fluctuations.  Do not wait until your belly is rumbling like crazy & you could eat a house before you decide to put food into your mouth.  Just my advice.

After the pit stop at home, I was Indy bound!  I did not take time to eat lunch before starting my drive, so I made sure I had something packed to eat on-the-go.  <—Why I LOVE having protein bars handy!

friday think thin

thinkThin Brownie Crunch protein bar for an easy road meal

thinkThin bars are so delicious – taste like a brownie, but packed full of good nutrients!  I feel like I am eating a ‘treat’ when I munch on one, but really I am eating the perfect ratio of protein, carbs, and fats to keep me satisfied for a good 2-3 hours.  The bars contain no sugar (they do contain sugar alcohols) and 20 grams of protein!!

I was so excited when I finally arrived at my sister’s house in Indy!  I could not WAIT to see Baby Jacyn and visit with the whole little family.

We decided to order Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner to avoid having to make something ourselves, but knew we would not be able to pick up our order until at least 8 o’clock.  I munched on Carrots & Roasted Pepper Hummus at Ann’s house to hold me over…oh, and ate about 10 little square Snyder’s pretzels she had in her cabinet, too (I was in the mood for something salting & crunchy!).

Friday Dinner ~

friday chicken wrap

Southwest Grilled Chicken Queso Wrap in a WHEAT wrap

friday bw salad

Side Salad – Ann & I both asked that a side-salad be substituted in place of chips and salsa that were supposed to come with our wrap (I added the yummy cheese blend to mine!)

The entire meal was delicious…must have been because I ate the WHOLE thing.  The entire side salad & the wrap – GONE.

The evening was a mellow one.  A friend of mine from Indy stopped in for a visit, which was AWESOME!! We just sat and talked + held Baby Jacyn for most of the night.  I also spent some time before she arrived figuring out my Forerunner 110 watch (while Baby Jacyn was sleeping).  I packed the watch with me so I could get it all set up and ready to use (since I have had ZERO spare time to do that since Christmas!).  I am getting antsy…I just want to RUN again! 

running watch ready to go

Forerunner 110 ~ All programmed & ready for its FIRST USE soon!

This morning, I enjoyed a THRIVE Shake first thing after my shower.  I used Almond Coconut milk I packed & some of Ann’s frozen Strawberries & Blueberries.  One of the best I have ever made!

saturday delicious thrive shake

 THRIVE Shake ~ Hit. The Spot.

Blogging, Baby, Target Trip with Ann, & Reading are on my TO-DO list today! 

runners magazine read

Borrowed this Runner’s magazine from the Y shelf for the weekend

I plan on leaving Indy this evening to get back before the snow starts.  Game-plan is currently to head straight to the Y for a workout on my way home.  With the snow coming, I am unsure if I will be able to make it to the gym tomorrow or even on Monday.  So I plan to get in a workout while I can!

Enjoy your weekend, everyone.  Keep the eating habits healthy & stay warm out there!

Until next time ~

eat to live not live to eat

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