What?!  Today is Thursday?  It feels like it should be a Monday. 

This morning started off GREAT because I walked out the door with my THRIVE Shake in hand ~ Whoop Whoop!

I had to do some tweaking to my normal shake recipe this morning, as I was LOW on frozen Strawberries.  I used the rest of my strawberries & ventured into the deep-freezer in the hopes of finding more frozen blueberries since I was OUT.  Unsuccessful.  What I did find…frozen Blackberries! Yum. 


Frozen BLACKBERRIES I used in my shake this morning

almond breeze coconut

I also used the Almond Coconut milk for another change.

The morning shake definitely tasted different than my normal shake mixture, but it was a ‘thumbs-up’ change-up!

I got to the Y this morning just in time to take YOGA! ~ I was so excited to be back on the mat. It felt AWESOME to move through the poses again.  I could not do everything, but I did what I could without causing pain in my ankle/foot.

The entire day is a big blur because it passed so quickly.  At about 12:30, I munched on some Carrots & Roasted Red Pepper Hummus for lunch.  By the time 3:30 rolled around, I was hitting the afternoon energy slump & was feeling very hungry.  I cut up an Apple and munched on it as I continued working up until CX class.


CX was a great core workout tonight.  My core felt super strong ~ Likely because I have been doing LOTS of core work since the foot injury!  I suppose it is paying off.

cx worx pic for blog

I was rather tired when I finally made it home from the Y.  I put my bags down and made my way into the kitchen to see what was available to make for dinner.  I decided upon:

veggies and chicken

Steamed Veggies with Teriyaki Sauce & Grilled Chicken

So YUMMY & so FILLING.  I love fixing these veggies (the big blue bag in the freezer section at Wal-Mart ~ brand is Birds Eye).  Fixing them just takes more time than I sometimes want to spend waiting for my meal.  Tonight, it was worth the wait because the veggies & chicken completely satisfied my hunger.

After I finished eating, I brushed my teeth right away so I would not be tempted to stick anything else in my mouth or indulge in another mint like last night.  I filled my water bottle & hit the couch to start blogging.

water bottle

My FAVORITE Water Bottle ~ Hoo-hoo-hoo-Hoosiers!  

My water bottle goes EVERYWHERE with me.  Ok, everywhere except church. I think I may get some weird looks if I were to carry it with me into church.

How did you do on your eating habits on this second day of the new year? ~ My meal/snack choices were all healthy today on what I am calling my ‘Fresh Start to the New Year.’  I hope you can say the same.  Plan out your meals for tomorrow and stick to them…you’ve got goals to meet in 2014!!

wed so true

Tomorrow is Friday and my game plan is to try out the elliptical at the Y in the early morning before work ~ I want to see if it irritates my ankle or if I could get some cardio-action in on it while patiently waiting to run again.  Then, I am Indy bound to see my precious little niece and her parents.  So excited!!

kt and jacyn

Little Baby Jacyn with Aunt KT ~ LOVE Her!!!

Until next time ~

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