Happy New Year!  Welcome, 2014. 

I am hoping everyone had a safe and enjoyable New Year’s Eve last night.  Minus my lack of sleep (I got about a 1 hour cat-nap in total), my evening with the Y kiddos went well.  Flew by, actually.  I napped from about 1:30 – 2:45am, then woke to work and keep the other Staff member company.  I was so productive from 2:45am until stopping to make breakfast for the kids around 7:00am.  Still trying to figure out how I managed to not fall asleep at my desk, but…I was bright eyed & chugging away for a consecutive 4 hours.  That is what peace & quiet with no interruptions brings you…Quality Productiveness. 

I paid the price for NO sleep when I arrived home this morning.  I was tired…oh, and hungry.  I decided I would eat a bit of breakfast then hit the sack for a long nap.

New Year’s Breakfast ~ 

english muffin PB new years

English Muffin with Earth Balance PB & SF Jelly (took this to eat last night, but only had enough time to snack on my sweet potato & banana).  I lived on this meal in college – had it once a day, routinely.

After breakfast, it was nap time.  I got in a good 3 hours and then tossed & turned for one more hour before getting up.  It is January 1st, people!! and I was not about to skip the gym on the first day of the New Year.  I changed into my gym clothes and headed back to the Y for a ‘cardio-less’ workout.  CX Worx (thank goodness for core workouts) and Upper/Lower Body gym machines.  Not exactly my idea of a great January 1st workout, but…it is what I am capable of currently.  Did you get in a SWEAT session today to start your year off with healthy habits?

After the gym, I needed a snack:


 Zone Perfect: Mint Chocolate (Yes, I am addicted to these yummy bars.)

Dinner this evening ~

dinner salad new years

Romaine Lettuce, Onion, Broccoli Slaw, Craisens, Pepper, Reserve Blend Cheese

chicken tortilla soup new yeas 

1/2 of this bowl of Chicken Tortilla Soup (see below)

chicken torilla soup can  nutrient label for soup

Tonight after dinner, I had a dominating SWEET Tooth.  Yuck.  My guess is that it stems from not having a THRIVE Shake this morning, plus being all messed up on my sleep schedule.  Ever since I started drinking THRIVE, I do not experience cravings near like I used to. If you have ever lacked sleep (pulled an all-nighter) then you have likely experienced how your body begins having cravings because it is in search of energy. 

I was tired & not in a good mood this evening (because I am still lacking in sleep from last night = bad attitude), so I decided just to give in to my craving for something sweet.  I told you, I have slip-ups too…& here is one of them:

chocolate mint pattie

Home-made Chocolate Mint Pattie – similar to a York, but BETTER (it was made & given to me as a Christmas gift from a girl who KNOWS what she is doing in the kitchen!!) 

It tasted very yummy & definitely hit the spot.  Not exactly what I should have been putting in my mouth being that it is the start to a fresh, new year; however, the whole day has been an ‘off’ one, so I am making my FRESH START to the NEW YEAR begin tomorrow!

I cannot wait until tomorrow:  Thursday means back to normal routine with work and group exercise classes, back to my morning THRIVE shake, back to normal sleep patterns, and…BACK to YOGA!! I am planning on getting back to yoga in the morning and doing as much as I can – I doubt I will be able to do any standing balance exercises on my right side.  But, at least I will get to try out my new yoga mat. Yay!

giving up is not an option

It is now 2014, people…so let us make HEALTHY FOOD choices at each meal & hit the GYM routinely for some great SWEAT-SESSIONS.  Make goals & then make them happen, got it?

make a wish, or make it happen

Until next time ~

wake up

you are amazing