New Year’s Eve!! Whoop whoop!

Started out the day around 6:45 this morning.  Ankle had a wee bit less pain associated with it as I got out of bed, so that was a good start!

Got up, got ready, made my THRIVE SHAKE & I was out the door.  Ready to work & workout at the Y for the duration of the morning.

thrive shake

Wow, how the morning zoomed by.  I completed all the work today that I had on my TO-DO (that keeps growing longer and longer with each passing day, even though I keep checking things off of it) list.  I took a break in the middle of work and did the new CX 13 with a few others at the Y.  It was definitely some great AB work and also targeted the muscles of my left leg and GLUTE (<—was burning because I stayed on my left leg when the others switched over to work the right = Double the Burn!).  Oh, my shoulders were feeling the burn, also!  CX 13 is a GREAT 30 minute sweat session.

cx worx

After finishing up with work, I called on a few individuals to come try out TRX.  I needed practice ‘coaching’ a training session & they were interested in seeing what it was all about.  We spent a good hour on the TRX suspension system.  I led them through a workout of basic moves including a variety of upper/lower body exercises, then we practiced our hovers, planks, and side planks with our feet suspended in the foot cradles.  LOVE working abs on the TRX.  Actually, TRX is ALL CORE…ALL THE TIME.  No matter what exercise you are performing, you are engaging your core.  I wish I would have snapped a few pics of us on the TRX.  I will next time.  For now, here is an example of the standard TRX plank:

example of TRX plank

Once we finished up our workout (mine being majority upper body & ABS), I was on my way home to make lunch! Hunger had hit quick after the TRX ended, so I munched on some Pistachios I had in my gym bag as I drove home.  Lunch turned out to be:

lunch wrap tuesday

Spinach Wrap with 1 Grilled Chicken Tender + 1 Peppercorn LF Cheese-Wedge, Broccoli Slaw, Lettuce, and Avocado

spinach wraps

Spinach Wraps (fresh supply from Grounded)


Avocado (also from Grounded)

peppercorn low-fat cheese wedge

Peppercorn LF Cheese Wedge (found these at IGA)

I also munched on some carrots & hummus again today.  This time I used:

red pepper tuesday

A fresh container of Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

Tonight, I am headed back to the Y to help with our New Year’s Slumber Party we are offering this year for the kids.  Bringing back the good old memories of ‘lock-ins’ when I was a kid.  Oh boy, I am not sure what I got myself into this time:  25 kids.  Sleepover at the Y. All.Night.Long. ~ YIKES!!  I am going to need a nap tomorrow.

For dinner, the kids will be having a meal that is quick and easy (not sure what that is yet).  I am packing my own eats so that I can have something healthy & something that I know I like.

Tonight’s planned menu to take with me:

sweet tater saturday

Sweet Tater – I will slice and bake it after I finish this post.

english muf

Thomas LIGHT Wheat English Muffin (with 8 grams fiber/muffin to keep you satisfied for longer!)  topped with PB + SF Jelly. 

grounded pb

sf jelly tuesday

Simple, yet totally satisfying

I will also pack a Zone Bar as my back-up dinner choice.  Why?  Because you just never know if you will have time to sit down to eat or not when keeping an eye on 25 kiddos.

Well, I hope you all have an AWESOME evening ringing in the New Year!!  Hard to believe that tomorrow begins 2014.  Tell me again where 2013 went to?  My, how time flies.

Until next time ~

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